Roku & Roku Ad Manager General Information: FAQ

Who is Roku? 

Roku is America’s #1 TV streaming platform. We pioneered TV streaming. Our mission is to be the TV streaming platform that connects the entire TV ecosystem around the world. We connect users to the streaming content they love, we enable content publishers to build and monetize large audiences, and we provide advertisers (you!) with unique capabilities to engage consumers. 


What is Roku’s household reach?

Roku reaches over 56M+ US households with an estimated 150+ million people.


What is Roku Ad Manager? 

Roku Ad Manager is an easy-to-use advertising platform that enables any brand or business to easily run TV streaming advertising campaigns across America’s #1 TV streaming platform. Simply create an account (free!), add your video creative, select targeting parameters, pay with a credit card, and send your creative to TV streaming homes across the US. 


Why should I run video ad campaigns with Roku Ad Manager? 

Brands should advertise with Roku Ad Manager because it’s likely to be one the best ways to reach and engage their customers. According to eMarketer, consumers spend more time streaming than they do on all social channels combined. On top of that, Roku Ad Manager makes it easy to reach this large and fast-growing audience. It comes with no upfront commitments or paperwork, and with a few minutes and a few clicks, your video creative can be placed in premium streaming content on the home’s largest screen. 


What campaign objective can Roku Ad Manager help me achieve?

Roku Ad Manager is best for advertisers who want to improve their upper funnel performance. It’s ideal for building a powerful brand and complementing your search and social campaigns.  


What types of audiences can I reach on Roku Ad Manager?

Roku Audiences are available to all Roku Ads Manger customers at no additional cost. This includes demographic (age & gender) and geographic (country, state, DMA, zip) targeting. It also includes TV viewership targeting to help align your brand with TV watching habits. For example, you can reach audiences that prefer Sports, Business & Finance, Cord Cutters, and more. 


How can I measure my campaigns on Roku Ad Manager?

Roku Ad Manager lets you measure campaign progress at every stage of the funnel if you install the free Roku pixel, which you can download from the platform.


Which reporting metrics are available?

The following metrics are available.

  • Booked impressions: The number of impressions you budgeted for when you created your ad.
  • Budget: The budget you set on the campaign when it was created.
  • Clicks: The number of clicks that occurred during the filtered period.
  • Delivered impressions: The number of impressions that occurred during the filtered period.
  • Video completes: The number of video views that were watched to completion
  • CTR (click-through rate): The CTR is the number of clicks received, divided by the number of delivered user impressions. The CTR is presented in percentages.
  • Spend: The spend of a campaign based on the delivered impressions and CPM.
  • Pixel Metrics: If you have set up pixels for your campaign, will be able to report:
    • Page visits
    • Add-to-cart
    • Purchases
    • Purchase values


How do I pay for a campaign?

Roku Ad Manager supports payment by credit card through our secure payment provider. At the time of payment, you will be charged for all booked impressions for all campaigns in your cart.


Is what I spend guaranteed to deliver? 

No, this is a non-guaranteed delivery platform. Any under delivery would be refunded back to the same card you used to pay for your campaign.


Does Roku offer more advanced advertising solutions beyond Roku Ad Manager? 

Yes, we have an enterprise-grade advertising platform called OneView. This platform has features that support both branding and performance campaign objectives and is packed with a host of other capabilities, including advanced analytics & insights, automated optimizations, advanced audience building, first-party and third-party audience support, and more. 


Can I run ad campaigns outside the US with Roku Ad Manager? 

No. Roku Ad Manager runs only in the US.    


What content will my video ads be shown in? 

Your content will run on The Roku Channel as well as across the Roku Audience Network, which is comprised of the top advertising-supported channels on Roku, including Hulu, Tubi, CW, and many more. 


What screens will my video ads be shown on? 

Your ads will run on TV streaming only. If you want to advertise on mobile, tablets, and desktop, OneView might be a better fit.


Can Roku help me make my ad or edit my video creatives? 

While we do not offer creative, we can recommend services that can help. See “Campaign Resources” in the platform for more info.


Can you share some pro tips that will help me get the most out of the platform?

Yes! Here are three:

  • Use Audience Targeting! Ensure your ads are shown to a relevant audience by using audience & geo targeting
  • Add multiple creatives to your campaign! This allows you to review the performance of each creative, pause the creatives that are not delivering as well as the others, and focus delivery on the ones that are delivering best.
  • Create multiple campaigns! You can put as many campaigns as you like in your cart. This allows you to test different targeting option combinations to see which ones work best. Next time you book a campaign, you can then focus on the options that delivered the best performance.