How Roku's New Ad Campaign Uses OneView to Win Over Streamers This Holiday Season

We’ve got big news! Today, Roku unveiled its own TV ad streaming campaign called “Ok, Roku does that.” And we’re using the best of Roku Advertising to bring our own campaign to life. 

The TV streaming campaign builds on the momentum of new product launches as we enter the holiday season. The “Ok, Roku does that” campaign highlights America’s #1 TV streaming platform for the innovation, ease of use and simplicity. A recent Roku and Harris poll 2021 Holiday Survey finds 32% of consumers plan to purchase big ticket items over $500 this season. What are they buying? Two in three holiday shoppers (63%) said they plan to purchase consumer electronics. 

“At Roku, it’s simple: we love TV. We have believed since our founding in 2002 that all TV will be streamed, and we have been leaders in the space ever since,” said Mustafa Ozgen, GM of Account Acquisition at Roku. “Our campaign, 'Ok, Roku does that.’ is based on our drive to make TV streaming easy, accessible, and affordable. As both Roku and TV streaming have grown, we have added more content like news and sports, we've launched new products like Streambar models and worked with TV brand partners to launch Roku TV models, and we’ve built new features like private listening and the lost remote finder. All of this together creates a great TV experience. We make it easy, and that’s why we’re proud to be number one.”

The hero of the campaign is a 60 second creative look back in time. Over the course of history, seemingly simple innovations have transformed the world and how people navigate it. The launch commercial moves through a short history of transformative innovations; culminating in the decade of streaming. Sometimes the best ideas are often the simplest. Like streaming made easy —this was the inspiration behind “Ok, Roku does that.”

Roku will also use OneView, our ad buying platform built for TV streaming, to manage the digital portion of the campaign across desktop, mobile and TV streaming. We will use OneView to measure reach, frequency and conversions using unique Roku data and attribution tools. The goal is to create lone term brand awareness for Roku and future streamers as consumers begin to think about holiday spending. Want to put OneView to work for your brand, too? Contact us today to get started.