The Top TV Streaming Trends for the 2021 Grammy Awards 

The 2021 Grammy Awards honored notable musical achievements. Beyoncé made history after winning her twenty-eighth Grammy, for example. And, as we found when we analyzed the streaming data this year, the awards show also offered a snapshot of how TV viewing is evolving.  

Specifically, we wanted to understand how an event like the Grammy Awards influenced how streamers searched and watched on Roku devices. With an estimated 7.88 million viewers overall, we wanted to understand how viewing behavior changed, relative to last year, so we dug into our data.   

Here are our top findings:  

1. The Grammys Outperformed the Golden Globes 


  • Roku estimates that traditional linear TV reach for the 2021 Grammy Awards decreased by approximately 16% year-over-year 

  • In addition, Roku estimates that the 2021 Grammy Awards reached approximately 52% more people 18+ via traditional linear TV than the 2021 Golden Globes 


2. Billie Eilish, Megan Thee Stallion, Harry Styles Saw the Most Significant Search Volume Increases on Roku. 


While streamers might be accessing YouTube, Vevo, MTV, Spotify or another service by searching for music, we still expected to see less overall search volume compared to the top searches for the Golden Globes 2021Yet there was still significant interest in many of this year’s award winners after they were announced:  

  • Searches for Billie Eilish, who won Record of the Year, rose by 115% week-over-week 

  • Searches for Harry Styles, who won Best Pop Solo Performance, rose by 104% week-over-week  

  • Searches for Megan Thee Stallion, who won Best New Artist, rose by 95% week-over-week  

Roku Tv trends searches grammys

Streamer searches also increased on Roku for Taylor Swift (+25%), Cardi B (+68%), and Beyonce (+12%).

Grammy Awards 2021 TV streaming trends searches

3. More people streamed the Grammys, but overall session length was down.  


Although there was a 28% increase in streaming reach year-over-year for the 2021 Grammy Awards on Roku, total streaming hours only increased by 22%. This indicates that reach increased faster than streaming hours compared to the 2020 Grammy Awards – while more streamers may have viewed the show, they didn’t watch as long.   

Playing the Notes: TV Streaming & Music   


Our findings show that big, shared cultural moments impact what TV streamers watch and spark their curiosity.  For advertisers, this is an opportunity to think differently about the TV streamer’s full-funnel experience. Roku can connect you and your brands to your customers before, during, and after these big events occur so you stay top of mind during the moments that matter most.  

Want to learn more about what your audience is streaming and searching for? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us to get started.