Media Consumption While Sheltering at Home:  Streaming, AVOD, TVOD

Advertisers have many questions about streaming and COVID-19. This post highlights data from the United States through March 2020. Data is not presented as a leading indicator of any broader trends on the Roku platform.

In our last post, we shared how sports fans are migrating toward streaming entertainment amid league cancellations. This week, we take a deeper dive into linear TV and streaming consumption increases in ad-supported streaming.

Streaming growth rate outpaces Linear TV’s growth

According to Nielsen, the weekly growth in reach for internet-connected devices is outpacing linear TV’s. Among adults 35-44, weekly reach for streaming has grown over 15X faster than traditional TV’s.


Nearly 50% of TV minutes for persons under 35 was streamed during the first full week of sheltering at home


Ad-supported channels have grown faster than subscription services or MVPD channels

On a year-over-year basis (Q1 2019 / Q1 2020), the growth rate for streaming hours on Roku’s top ad supported channels was higher than the growth rate for Roku’s top subscription channels and for Roku’s top MVPD channels. In challenging times, ad-supported content provides value for consumers seeking free entertainment.

Streaming rental transactions are up

Monthly rental transactions through the “Movie” tab on the Roku home screen in March were up 66% from February, three times the growth over the same period last year.

Home together

To meet consumer needs, Roku recently launched Home Together, an initiative focused on helping the nearly 100 million people in households with Roku devices find and watch the content that matters most right now. As you're reviewing your media strategy, ask your Roku team for deeper insights and opportunities for your brand. And most importantly, please stay safe. We are all in this together.

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Dan Robbins

VP, Ad Marketing & Partner Solutions