How OneView Runs TV Streaming Campaigns Just Like Paid Social 

If social media marketing is a big part of your ad budget, you’re not alone. Brands depend on social channels like Facebook and Instagram to reach the right audiences and drive users to take the next step.  

TV streaming advertising (sometimes called OTT or CTV advertising) with Roku can help you diversify your marketing, reach more of your audience, and drive conversions. Nearly half of all streaming ad impressions occur on Roku devices.1 

OneView, Roku’s ad buying platform built for TV streaming, delivers a potential audience that is 64% greater than on cable.2 In fact, you can reach US households with an estimated 155 million people with Roku. Roku also has direct relationships with its consumers, which enables advertisers to use richer audience data to reach and engage their customers. 

Roku makes it easy to get started, too, because the campaign process for OneView isn’t that different from the most popular paid social tools. If you’ve run a campaign on Facebook, you’ll know how to set up and execute a campaign with OneView, too.  

Our OneView interface is similar to dashboards you are probably familiar with on paid social media campaigns.

Our new guide, “The Social Media Marketer’s Guide to TV Streaming,” will show you how to run a TV streaming ad campaign with OneView in five easy steps.    

"The Social Media Marketer’s Guide to TV Streaming” will help you learn how to 

  • Create a TV streaming ad campaign in OneView 

  • Set a budget and duration for your campaign  

  • Select the right audiences   

  • Measure your campaign for brand awareness, performance, and everything in between 

Download The Social Media Marketer’s Guide to TV Streaming Advertising today to get full access to our findings and recommendations.  

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