Roku Trends: Fall Excitement, The Emmy's, "Blue's Clues" Anniversary  

If you’re like us, you’re curious and fascinated by names and stories in the news, and how these moments impact Roku users on their journey to picking their next great watch. And that’s why we publish Roku Trends, a deeper look into the moments driving popular culture and how Roku streamers search to better understand and engage them. This month, we were interested in better understanding streamers’ love of everything autumn; how The Emmy’s impacted users search activity, and a viral moment around the 25th anniversary of the popular children’s TV program, “Blue’s Clues.  

It’s Decorative Gourd Season and Streamers Were Hyped For All Things Pumpkin 

Whether you call it spooky season, flannel weather, or pumpkin spice latte (PSL) time, fall excites Roku streamers. While popular coffee chains rolled out their PSLs earlier than ever-- so early, that an iced version (!) of the beverage debuted-– streamers’ searches on Roku demonstrated their eagerness for fall’s return. 

fall trends

Here's what we found: 

People seem eager to experience the spirit of the season through TV streaming several weeks before the calendar turns from summer to fall. In fact, streamers’ searches on Roku suggest that fall actually begins the first week of September, with the search terms “pumpkin” up 185% versus the month of August and “spooky” up 170% from a month ago. So, carve up pumpkin and spice some lattes, it’s time to celebrate fall. 

Emmy Nominees Intrigue Streamers 

With summer officially over, it’s time for fall television premieresAnd what better reminder of the exciting year TV has had than its biggest night: The Emmys. Streamers turned to Roku to search nominated titles, actors, and actresses. We observed: 

It’s an honor just to be nominated: Winners and nominees alike saw search Spikes 

  • Ted Lasso searches were up 85% week over week (WoW); the show rose from the #79-searched title on Roku to the #13th spot 

  • I May Destroy Youclimbed 617% WoW and rose 31,631 spots in search rankings 

  • Roku Originals hit Mapleworth Murders experienced a search increase of 307% WoW and moved up 7,768 spots in search rankings 

  • Jean Smart was up 227% WoW; she rose 3,018 spots in search rankings 

  • Honorable mention for Kathryn Hahn: she may not have taken home a trophy, but her searches climbed 96% WoW, and her search ranking increased 3,512 spots 

As far as we’re concerned, the real winners are Roku streamers who enjoyed a wealth of great TV moments. And, speaking of great television moments... 

Blue’s Clues Celebrated an Important Milestone, and Streamers Were Feeling Nostalgic 

It was the feel-good story of the moment when Steve, the former host of the hit children’s program, “Blue’s Clues,” delivered a heartfelt message to his fans. The message came on the heels of the show’s 25th anniversary and delighted now grown fans of the show. In addition to boosting Roku searches for all-things Blue’s Clues, other Nickelodeon shows received a lift in searches, too, suggesting that “Blue’s Clues” prompted a trip down memory lane for streamers. Here’s what we noticed: 

  • Searches for Blue’s Cluesclimbed 147% WoW after Steve’s video dropped 

We also saw a halo effect for other 90s Nickelodeon titles during the same period, with WoW increases in: 

  • As Told by Ginger(up 35%) 

  • CatDog(up 21%) 

  • Wild Thornberrys(up 15%) 

  • Aahhh!!! Real Monsters(up 13%)  

And the top searched 90s Nick titles during the week of Steve’s video: 

  1. Blue’s Clues 
  2. Rugrats
  3. Aahhh!!! Real Monsters 
  4. Hey Arnold! 
  5.  “CatDog 

Roku is at the center of TV’s biggest pop culture moments 

The ability to search and learn more about moments in popular culture via the Roku platform is a way for streamers to explore the world around them and feel connected to it. And for marketers, these insights help you better understand what excites and delights your key audiencesenabling your brand to resonate with them when they’re leaning in. Curious to know how Roku can help your brand tap into big cultural moments and reach engaged audiences at scaleContact us to get started.