Roku Trends: "Jeopardy!" Host Search, Kanye's Tour, Soundtrack of Summer  

As news breaks in the digital age, curiosity doesn't begin and end with a trip to Google or FacebookConsumers also search on Roku. Our interest in watercooler moments across news and social media, and how streamers use Roku to learn more about them, was the inspiration for this content series that we call “Roku Trends.” 

In this edition of Roku Trendswe’re looking at searches involving the quest for a new Jeopardy! host, Kanye’s Donda listening tour, and the musicians who lent their voices to the summer of ‘21. 

What Is... a New Host?  

After a yearlong campaign to find a replacement show host for the late, beloved Alex Trebek, the Jeopardy! staff recently found themselves back where they started (and down an Executive Producer). While a permanent replacement host hasn’t been officially named, we’ve seen increased search activity around the individuals in the mix during the dates they hosted the showWe should note that the data covers hosts whose guest stints took place this summer, but in order to provide a full account of the story, we also looked at data throughout the show’s search for Trebek’s replacement.  

Here are the guest hosts that drove the biggest bump in searches for the term “Jeopardy!” on Roku devices: 

Jeopardy! Guest Hosts

*Note – Ken Jennings' week may have been a big week for Jeopardy! searches since it was the beginning of the post-Trebek period and the show was making announcements about guest hosts 

Person searches for guest hosts 

Some guest hosts drove increased search volume for themselves, rather than the program. We observed: 

  • LeVar Burton sparked the largest WoW increase in searches – searches for the actor went up 1,483% during his hosting week 

  • Honorable mentions: Mayim Bialik (88% WoW increase in search), Savannah Guthrie (57%), Ken Jennings (39%), Anderson Cooper (32%) 

One thing certainly remains clear after 12 months of “Jeopardy!” guest hosts: Alex Trebek was a legend and his shoes will be tough to fill. We wish the show luck in their search for his replacement. 

Music and Streaming Stunts Were “Cool For the Summer” 

Kanye West took a unique approach to promote his new album, Donda. The multi-city listening tour that took place in July and August included a full rebuild of his childhood home on Soldier Field in Chicago. And streamers? 

They certainly were intrigued. During the week of his first listening party in Atlanta (7/19), searches for Kanye West increased by 213%. Here are other artists who benefitted from similar social media promotions this summer: 

  • Searches for Lizzo increased 13% WoW during the week of 8/2, when she announced her new single, “Rumors” 

  • Searches for Ed Sheeran rose 200% WoW during the week of 5/31, when he teased his new single, “Bad Habits. The week the single dropped (7/23), he followed up on Instagram with another viral post featuring Friends alum Courteney Cox  

  • Searches for Olivia Rodrigo jumped 43% WoW during the week she released her new single “good 4 u” just ahead of her May 15th performance on “SNL” 

Singers Streamers Grooved to this Summer 

Summer of 2021 seemed to lack the ubiquitous “summer jam” of years past, but that doesn’t mean that streamers’ weren’t rocking out this seasonHere are the artists that were behind the Roku searches for the perfect summer soundtrack: 

And, possibly fueled by TikTokThe Backyardigans entered the top 100 on Spotify’s US charts in May and grew 341% YoY (year over year) in Roku search volume, besting Britney Spears! 

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