Roku Trends for July: Anthony Bourdain, Logan Paul, Kevin Hart

People often use news outlets and social media to learn about current events. But we’ve found that people also are searching on Roku. 

A new trailer announcing a documentary on the life of rebel chef and global citizen Anthony Bourdain prompted Roku users to search Bourdain’s library of content. Meanwhile, the internet was buzzing about the match between former world champion Floyd Mayweather and YouTube star Logan Paul. Finally we saw a spike in search interest for Kevin Hart, who plays the lead role in one of our new Roku Originals series, Die Hart.  

These moments in popular culture highlight how Roku users turn to their devices to understand and explore the names and faces in the news. 

Here's what we found this past month.  

1. Anthony Bourdain Documentary Trailer Sends Searches Soaring

It has been exactly three years since we said goodbye to punk rock chef turned world traveler Anthony Bourdain. Fans were excited to watch never-before seen footage of the man. As travelers eagerly plan their next trip, Anthony Bourdain’s legacy and body of work reminded viewers of the joy of exploring new places.  

On Roku, we observed searches for Anthony Bourdain were up 94% week-over-week (WoW) following the release of the documentary trailerRoadrunner:  A Film About Anthony Bourdain

Users also started to watch more Bourdain documentaries in general:

anthony bourdain

For many Americans, Anthony Bourdain represents the idea of a curious, authentic everyman who can share a meal and a conversation with anyone, anywhere. His TV shows allow us a rare glimpse into places we may not have otherwise seen, and the ability to understand life from a different perspective. 

2. Mayweather vs Paul was an exhibition match turned cultural event 

When amateur boxer and YouTube star Logan Paul sparred with Floyd Mayweather, arguably the greatest boxer of all time, searches on Roku spiked, and the meme machine landed some solid hits

While no one was declared a winner in the ring, searches on Roku for Logan Paul were way up, increasing 2382% week-over-week. 

Roku users also sought out more boxing movies than the week before:

boxing movies viewership

Was this exhibition match the beginning of more crossover matchups between celebrities and superstars of sport? Or just an opportunistic competition between two willing opponents? Either way, we’re curious to see if a rematch takes shape, or more athlete-vs-amateur competitions emerge in the wake of this bout.

3. Roku Originals Sees Searches for “Kevin Hart” Skyrocket  

Die Harta Roku Original show starring Kevin Hart, had the biggest debut ever on The Roku Channel, as measured by the number of households that streamed it. 

This was likely a big reason that Roku users started searching for “Kevin Hart” in higher numbers than before:  

hart searches

Streaming Discovery

As streamers hear about events on social media or in the news, they often turn to their Roku devices to get more detail – whether it’s to watch a new show or just look up a YouTube celebrity. Since Roku is an agnostic operating system, these searches help users discover related content to these search terms across all the streaming services on Roku.  

By better understanding how users react when a big news item hits the press – whether it’s Bennifer 2.0 or Logan Paul – advertisers can also better understand the relationship that many streamers have with their streaming devices. 

It’s also why, as we say at Roku, TV starts here.  

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