3 Key Streaming & Dining Habits for At-Home Sports Games 

When it comes to the way we shop and eat, many of us now live in a delivery-first world. Delivery apps, especially, have changed the way we dine.  

In our recent survey, “Streaming & Dining for the Big Game,” we asked over a thousand Roku users how they plan to watch the the Big Game and what preparations they’re making for mealtime and entertaining.  

With the Big Game just a few days away and March Madness just around the corner, we learned three big takeaways about consumer behavior in an age of delivery and real-time ordering that can help advertisers who are trying to reach sports viewers:  

1. Emphasize take-out and delivery options. 

Our survey found that more than half of Roku users say that Covid-19 has impacted their plans when it comes to attending or hosting a viewing party for the Big Game. 

That’s made the Big Game an at-home event for many people - instead of cheering for their favorite team in a crowded bar, 86% of Roku users that are planning to watch the game at home.   

This trend is likely to continue for other big sporting events and marks a golden opportunity for advertisers to promote their take-out and delivery options and offers.  

2. The battle to win hungry sports fans begins now. 

Nearly 70% of 18–34-year-old Roku users who are planning to watch the the Big Game say they’re likely to order food from a restaurant or third-party delivery service.  

As they stream their favorite shows and scroll through their mobile apps this week to weigh their restaurant options, especially these younger TV streamers likely are likely already thinking about Super Sunday. In a delivery-first era, advertisers should start connecting with these viewers this week and throughout game day to reinforce awareness and offer any discounts to increase orders.  

With delivery as the default option for so many streamers, advertisers should think about how to focus on driving delivery orders by app and making it as easy as possible to take the next step after viewers see an ad.  

3. Delivery has changed, but favorite sports foods have not.

Most popular Super Bowl foods

Delivery habits might have changed over the past few years, but the go-to foods for big games haven’t.  

Roku users in our survey are leaning towards timeless favorites: chips and dip, chicken wings, and pizza. When it comes to where they plan on ordering from, local restaurants come out on top for the 18-34 set. After that, they are most likely to order from the major pizza chains – Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s.

While some of these options are staples, there’s always a need for advertisers to remind viewers of their offerings in these categories. Or, they can zig when others zag, promoting something entirely unique instead.   

Sports & Delivery in a Cross-Device World  

For major sports events such as the Big Game and March Madness, it's safe to assume that streamers will be scrolling. 

Whether they prepared for the game ahead of time by ordering in or they're trying to decide what to eat during halftime, the delivery experience presents more moments than ever for advertisers to connect with audiences who are deciding what to eat right before - or even during - big games. With Roku, restaurant and food delivery brands can activate before, during, and after key tentpoles, from the biggest sports games to the most-watched TV streaming events. 

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