How TV Streaming Goes Beyond the Big Game  

The Big Game has always attracted advertisers for its scale, reaching an average of 102 million people last year on live TV. But with the rise in TV streaming audiences, there’s an even bigger prize awaiting marketers who look beyond linear TV advertising. 

That’s because Roku is America’s #1 TV streaming platform, with over 50 million monthly active accounts. In addition, advertising on platforms like Roku helps marketers avoid over-frequency and engage massive audiences that are no longer available to traditional TV viewers. 

This means that it doesn’t take a pivotal football game to reach millions of viewers. In addition, with Roku’s viewing data, advertisers of all sizes can engage people who watch before, during, and after the game.  

Traditional TV: Aging Demographics & Declining Reach  

Traditional TV's shrinking audiences is creating challenges for advertisers.  

When Nielsen performed a duplication analysis across broadcast networks and the Roku platform in Q3 2020, the analysis found:  

  • There's a lot of wasted frequency: The heaviest 20% of all TV viewers among adults 18-49 received 80% of total impressions 

  • There’s a lot of audience duplication: Each broadcast network(CBS, NBC, etc.) duplicates 74% of its audience, on average, with peer broadcast networks  

  • Audiences skew older: More than half of linear viewers are ages 55+  

Reliance on traditional TV  means showing your ads to the same audience over and over, which can frustrate viewers and reduce your ad effectiveness. It also means missing out on cord cutters

The TV Streaming Advantage

With a TV streaming ad campaign, you can connect with the streamers you actually want to reach at scale. TV streaming platforms can optimize reach and frequency - which means you can make sure that your ads don’t keep hitting the same audiences over and over. You can also personalize the creative based on demographics, viewing habits, and much more.  

There are a lot of audiences to choose from - with a TV streaming platform like OneView, you can reach four in five homes in America.  

On the Roku streaming platform during the test campaign in Q3 2020, Nielsen found that:  

  • Roku delivers 60% less over-frequency than linear TV 

  • 80% of Roku’s audience is exclusive – meaning that these streamers couldn’t be reached on linear TV  

  • Roku reached 55% more unique audience than the five broadcast networks combined  

  • The one-week reach with OneView keeps growing over time, surpassing broadcast networks as new audiences see the ad  

Since advertisers were better able to target key demographics and optimize frequency with Roku, the effective CPM was significantly lower. In fact, the research showed that to reach 1,000 new viewers aged 18-49, the CPM was more than $15,000 on broadcast networks. Roku’s CPM to reach 1,000 new viewers aged 18-49 was just $422. 

Roku Advertising CPM
Leading advertisers have started seeing big wins with TV streaming campaigns already. The scale of streaming platforms makes it easier for advertisers to reach really big audiences, but also large niche segments. If you want to show an ad to as many viewers as possible, you could decide to scale your ad to reach millions of people across the Roku platform. 

Or, if you really only want to reach a subsection of viewers of the Big Game – maybe football fans with an affinity for gardening shows – you could do that, too.  You can even optimize a campaign for an action, like a website visit or app install.   

Instead of a big campaign that ends after the game, you can keep building a relationship with your audience long after the initial touchpoint, keeping them interested in your brand for months to come – without the wasted frequency.