Three Reasons to Include TV Streaming in Your Q5 Plan 

The holidays are officially here, and this year, the season brings an extra bit of energy and excitement. We’re not rushing the holiday season, but many of us marketers are also thinking about what’s next. Specifically, many of us are gearing up for “Q5.” 

What is Q5?  

Q5 is the period of time from late December (right after Christmas) to mid-January. For marketers, this can be a 5th quarter to drive extra sales. Many consumers are still at home with family and friends at this time, and typically, brands reduce their advertising spend. We suggest a different strategy for marketers: invest in TV streaming ads during Q5.  

Here are three reasons why marketers should invest in TV streaming during Q5: 

1. Consumers are still shopping. 

Many marketers assume shopping stops once the holidays end, but that’s far from the case. Shopping activity is high in Q5. In fact, a 2020 survey revealed that 92% respondents planned to continue shopping after the holidays.1

Here’s where brands need to be strategic: Shoppers now expect a seamless, digital shopping journey. And part of that journey now takes place in the living room.  

  • 39% of Roku streamers get product ideas from TV streaming  
  • 32% of Roku streamers discover new brands on TV 

With TV streaming, brands can apply first-party data to anticipate customer needs and shopping habits and better define audience and inventory strategies.  

2. Q5 brings new devices and streamers.  

Looking back to 2019, 35% of December device activations occurred between Christmas and New Year's Eve.2   

The uptick in device activations during Q5 means a larger streaming audience for marketers looking to increase reach or brand awareness. But that’s not all. In addition to new device activations, media costs historically drop during Q5 because of reduced demand, creating a cost-efficient opportunity to get in front of consumers.  

3. Test and learn for 2022. 

For performance advertisers, Q5 is an ideal time to test new creative and messaging approaches. Learning what works in an environment of lower media costs can pave the way to better performance throughout the year.   

For more insights on how consumers plan to shop this holiday season, download Roku’s annual Season of Streaming Report

1 Ware2Go 2020 Merchant Survey 

2 Roku Platform Data