Introducing the New Forecaster Tool for OneView

Wrecently shared how we overhauled the OneView user interface to streamline and simplify managing TV streaming ad campaigns. Now, we are excited to present OneView’s TV streaming forecasting tool to help you better plan, budget, and optimize your campaigns. 

This update improves OneView’s existing forecasting capabilities with new metrics and better data visualization to give you an even more accurate way of predicting campaign performance 

Benefits of the New Forecaster  

Brands and agencies have been putting the forecaster through its paces for some time and have found it to be a powerful addition to OneView’s capabilities. With it, they’ve been able to: 

  • Identify the total addressable market for their custom audience data sets  

  • Predict incremental reach of TV streaming on top of traditional linear TV viewership 

  • Determine how much investment is necessary to optimize reach in DMA (designated market area) or demographic  

  • Set expectations for delivery when working with a fixed campaign budget 

  • Provide recommendations for budget allocation across TV streaming publishers 

  • Understand the different spend and reach for specific, niche audiences 

Here is what Kevin Samp, a Senior Media Buyer at Eicoff says about the new changes to OneView’s forecasting: 

"So far, I/we love the forecaster. [It’s] really nice to be able to play around with different settings like adjusting inventory to see how it'd impact estimates." 

New Metrics: Household Reach, Spend, and CPM  

OneView already provides an accurate estimate of how many impressions any campaign would deliverThis update introduces three additional metrics that advertisers can use to plan their TV streaming (often referred to as OTT or CTV) advertising campaigns: household reach, spend, and CPM. 

Household reach 

  • This makes it even easier to prevent wasteful ad spending. The forecaster de-duplicates expected impression delivery and predicts unique household reach in real time instead of just total impressions. In this way, you’ll know if spending additional advertising dollars will produce incremental reach or if you’re just reaching the same audience with more budget.   


  • With this feature, we’re enabling more precise budget estimatesBy considering assigned flight parameters and the historical delivery of similar campaigns, the forecaster can inform how much budget is required to achieve desired levels of reach and frequency. The more campaigns you run, the smarter it gets. 


  • Now it’s possible to make better bidding decisions guided by smarter data. OneView will estimate your CPM based on data from similar existing campaigns, providing you with guidance on what bidding strategy will be necessary to achieve your desired outcome. 

Better Data Visualization 

OneView’s new robust, interactive forecast dashboard with reach curve. 

OneView now projects the maximum achievable impression delivery and provides a dashboard to illustrate your potential household reach and expected CPM at various investment levels. The reach curve allows you to plan for multiple scenarios and determine the budget requirements to meet your campaign's reach/frequency goals. 

As you run more campaigns in OneView, the predictions from the forecaster will become more accurate and offer results guided by historical data. Every campaign you run will tailor the forecasts to your campaigns and budgets – and help inform how to run the best TV streaming ad campaign in the future.  

See What OneView Can Do for You 

We’re working hard to provide a best-in-class user experience in OneView, so that building campaigns for TV streaming is as easy, fast, and effective as possible. Combined with the data from Roku Audiences, which originate from our direct customer relationships with over 50 million users, these updates will help each campaign reach the right streaming audience and achieve the best possible outcome, from brand awareness to performance.   

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