Key Takeaways From Advertising Week NY 2021 

There’s one thing on the top of every marketer’s mind these days: making sure the holiday is a success. As we shared with marketers at Advertising Week last week, our read on the holidays suggests a return to growth and optimism.  

In Roku’s 2021 survey with the Harris Poll on holiday shopping trends, a clear theme emerged: hope for the future. Seven out of 10 survey respondents said that they believe the economy is improving, and consumers are feeling upbeat and hopeful.  

As you’ll see in our Advertising Week wrap up in Digidaywe believe marketers should be feeling optimistic about the 2021 holidays. Here’s why: 

  • Consumers are ready to spendEighty six percent of consumers anticipate spending the same or more on holiday purchases as they did in 2020. One in five holiday shoppers started in August due to fears of shipping and supply chain issues. 

  • Brands are extending the seasonWith supply chain issues threatening to disrupt product availability, brands are creating events that extend the holiday season earlier to accommodate the ebbs and flows of both the supply chain and consumer interests. American Eagle CMO Craig Brommers said, “Brands have to be the best storytellers out there. There are day-to-day, week-to-week stories that we want to communicate with our customers. That’s why you see retailers talking about ‘Giftober’ or ‘Falliday.’ That will continue on through the New Year.” 

Brands Are Using TV Streaming Ads to Reach Holiday Shoppers 

Brands are investing more in TV streaming ads leading into the holidays for three reasons.  

  • First, it’s mainstream. More Americans stream their TV (86%) than own a washing machine (85%).1  

  • Second, it’s an essential way of reaching younger people. “Gen Z doesn’t even know what linear television is,” Brommers said. “They are streaming, so we’re going to follow them.”  

  • Third, TV streaming ads inspire action. This year, 50% of respondents said they paused an ad to learn more about a product, up from 20% three years ago.   

For more information on what to expect from shoppers this holiday season, download Roku’s 2021 Season of Streaming Report.  

 Harris Poll+ Roku 2021 Study