New Roku Originals are Here: We Share Our Favorites

Following the success (and eight Emmy nominations!) of our debut Roku Originals, we’re excited to announce today, that 23 new Roku Original shows are available to watch for free on The Roku Channel. We asked a few Roku staffers what they’re looking forward to watching this weekend. 

Here are their picks: 

Lisa Flores

Lisa Flores, Sr. Social Media Marketing Manager, recommends: 

Nikki Fre$h

If Nikki Fre$h was New York City’s hottest club, it would have everything: 
Black veil beekeeping hats, planet-friendly merch, and no shortage of laughs.

Nichole Richie portrays an aspiring music icon who sets out to create art exclusively to suit her own tastes. Our own Lisa Flores, Sr. Social Media Marketing Manager describes Nikki Fre$h as "having everything I need in a good show: crystal granola, trap music for moms, and organic veggies.

Paige Keipper

Paige Keipper, Sr. Content Marketer, recommends: 

Singled Out

We’re bringing back the mid-90s dating show of your dreams with Singled OutExcept this time, there’s a social media twist. Remember that old coworker you ghosted? They’re back... and they’re not impressed with your Insta Story Keke Palmer hosts the reboot of the classic dating game show that Paige Keipper, our Senior Content Manager describes as “A pretty silly show - it’s fun to see the old format from the MTV days with modern twists. And of course, Keke Palmer is the best!”

Get the popcorn ready and switch those DMs to Friends Only. 

Leonie van den Hoven

Leonie van den Hoven, International Marketing, recommends: 

Squeaky Clean

If spending an increased amount of time at home has brought out your inner Marie Kondo, our next pick is for you. Squeaky Clean sees host Leslie Jordan inviting excessively clean people to organize a series of seriously chaotic spaces for a cash prize. Leonie van den Hoven on our International Marketingteam says about the show, Call me crazy but as an obsessive clean freak, it's very satisfying for me to watch people cleaning and organizing!

Gaurav Shirole

Gaurav Shirole, Director of Ad Measurement, recommends: 

Elba vs. Block

Are you a gear head? Do you fantasize about getting behind the wheel of a souped-up racing machine? Our next show is guaranteed to get your motor running.  

Elba vs Block features actor Idris Elba facing off in a series of stunt racing challenges with actor and rally car driver Ken Block. Our Director of Ads Measurement, Gaurav Shirole, had this to say about the series, “I grew up obsessed with cars and purchased a motorcycle with my first paycheck. I enjoyed Idris Elba's car show King of Speed after Top Gear  ended and have re-watched Ken Block drift through the streets of San Francisco in 4K too many times to count. Excited to watch the two of them race. I obey all traffic laws when driving. 

Don’t try these stunts at home, streamers. 

Jackie Violette

Jackie Violette, Roku Brand Studio, recommends:


If you’re an adrenaline junkie on the hunt for a visually stunning adventure that will get your pulse rate up, look no further than Survive. The series finds Sophie Turner and Corey Hawkins as survivors of a deadly plane crash. The pair must now rely on their wits and each other to stay alive. Jackie Violette, a member of the Roku Brand Studio Marketing team recommends you give the show a watchAs a former GOT fan, anything with Sophie Turner is something I’ll tune in to. Powerful, suspenseful, thrilling – Survive is the perfect drama to binge watch from start to finish. 

Julian Mintz

Julian Mintz, Head of National Brand Sales, recommends: 

Mapleworth Murders

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a murder mystery show featured a murderer’s row of hysterical comedic minds? If so, Mapleworth Murders is your next great watch. Paula Pell channels her inner Angela Lansbury as a crime author-turned detective who takes it upon herself to solve a series of absurd murders in a sleepy town. The real question remains unanswered, however: “Why are there so many crimes happening in this sleepy town?” Julian Mintz, our Head of Sales, had this to say about the show, “It has a great cast and looks hysterical. I love JB Smoove from his work on Curb Your Enthusiasm.”  

The Roku Channel: Always Free, Always Entertaining

These new Roku Originals will be joining the lineup of free content available on Roku’s The Roku Channel. In addition to our new Originals, streamers have access to content for the whole family from child friendly fare to a rotating selection of free movies and showsAnd for marketers, this growing audience is a way to potentially reach 70 million people across ages and demographics in homes across America. A win for streamers, and brands alike. Ready to learn more about our exciting lineup of Roku Originals? Head over to the Roku Originals Homepage to see the full lineup of stars and titles.