Roku Acquires Quibi Content: Here's What You Need to Know  

We are thrilled to announce that Roku acquired the license rights to Quibi’s award-winning programming and will make the content available for free on an ad-supported model in 2021 to all Roku users on The Roku Channel in the U.S. 

The licensed rights include more than 75 titles and hundreds of hours of programming with Emmy-award winning content produced by the most successful studios in the business featuring stars such as Liam Hemsworth, Chrissy Teigen, Anna Kendrick, Kevin Hart, Idris Elba, Nicole Richie and Lena Waithe.  

This acquisition continues our investment in The Roku Channel. As cord cutters seek free viewing, The Roku Channel’s streaming hours grew faster than any Top 10 channel on our platform in Q3 and reached households with an estimated 62M people in Q4 alone. 

Our built-in distribution is a big opportunity here – we can bring exclusive free programming and new brand experiences to an unique audience. Sixty-four percent of The Roku Channel viewers didn’t watch any other free, ad-supported service on Roku in September 2020. 

With this new content from Quibi, The Roku Channel will now have a library of original content with movie quality original entertainment from today’s biggest stars. 

These shows will continue to grow the power of the Roku Channel for advertisers, especially by attracting high-value audiences drawn to world-class, award-winning storytelling, acting, and directing.  

Within The Roku Channel, advertisers can create innovative, content-driven offers with movies and shows throughout the streamers’ journey. 

Lexus, for example, created a Brand Experience in The Roku Channel to build mass awareness and reach new in-market luxury car buyers who would not see an ad on linear TV – 75% of the audience who saw ads on The Roku Channel hadn’t seen Lexus ads on linear.  

The Roku Channel Ecosystem

The Roku Channel allows advertisers to reach streamers at scale – with more than 50 million active household account, you can find the perfect audience for your brand. The Roku Channel offers an environment where brands can connect with streamers based on who they are and what kind of content interests them most.  

“More than 75 shows are going to be coming to the Roku Channel,” Rob Holmes, VP of Programming at Roku, told Beet.TV. “A good number of them… this will be the first time that they’re available to this, this scale of audience. There’s over a dozen that are premiering on the Roku Channel for the first time. This content features some of the best talent out there, both in front of and behind the camera. So, something that we think will really resonate with our users.” 

We couldn’t be more excited about these new titles. At Roku, our mission has always been to make TV better for everyone, and, by bringing amazing Quibi content to The Roku Channel, both viewers and advertisers will find something to love.  

“I think it will be phenomenal from an ad-supported experience,” Holmes says. “It gives it a really nice spot to break, but a really compelling reason to stay through the ads and come back for the next episode.” 

Want to know more about advertising opportunities on the Roku Channel? Watch the full interview with Beet.TV or contact us below!