3 Takeaways from Roku's Dan Robbins on the Future of TV

What does the future hold for TV media and advertising as technology continues to shape its evolution? Dan Robbins, our VP of Ad Sales Marketing & Partner Solutions, spoke with Mike Shields, the host of Next in Marketing, on that very subject.  

Here are three key takeaways from their conversation. 

1. TV Streaming Has Become Mainstream

As the popularity of TV streaming growsit is becoming clear that audiences have embraced many ways of accessing the streaming content they loveThey’re watching more than just ad-free subscription services, a reality that gives marketers ample opportunities to engage. 

“Streaming is now mainstream,” Dan said. “There’s a diversity of audiences that have a diversity of interests in what they want to watch and what they want that experience to be like. There’s room in streaming for subscription models, there’s room for ad supported models, there’s room for transactional or rental models. All of those can thrive and serve different forms in the market.”  

2. Consumers are Leaving Cable TV Behind

Traditional linear TV is no longer delivering mass reach for young audiences. In fact, 39% of traditional linear TV ratings points have disappeared in the past four yearsAudiences are getting older, too, with the median age of a broadcast TV viewer being 60 years oldBy supporting streamers, publishers, and advertisers alike, Roku has made it possible for brands to engage these otherwise hard-to-reach audiences and complement their digital and social ad buys.  

“We’ve had a simple mission since our start, and that is connect users to the streaming content that they love,” Dan said. “And, at the same time, Roku is helping content publishers build and monetize large audiences and helping marketers meet audiences with experiences, data, and measurement.  

3. Brands Are Rethinking Budgets & Technology 

Dan highlighted that brands have shifted their perspective on TV streaming advertising and its role in their marketing campaigns. As consumers shift to streaming, brands recognize the scale and flexibility that Roku offers and the ability to reach large audiences without wasting impressions and ad budgets.  

“We’re the first platform to offer audience-driven guarantees,” Dan explained. If I want to share-shift dollars into TV streaming, what does my incremental reach look like? What’s the point at which my first dollar in TV streaming is going to work harder than my last dollar in traditional linear TV? 

Roku’s Measurement Partner Program, along with our Shopper Data program, are designed to provide data on campaign outcomes that go beyond media metrics, such as reach and frequency. These tools help those brands shift budget from traditional linear TV to TV streaming with confidence.