4 Ways Roku Helps Your Next Film Release Achieve Box Office Success

The last year has blurred the line between traditional movie going habits and home movie watching. But one thing remains true: Roku streamers love moviesIn the U.S., Roku streamers purchase a third of all movie tickets, and 74% moviegoers who used to go to theaters at least once a month miss the experience and are eager to go back.1 

As you look forward to a busy holiday season and beyond, here are four ways to create excitement surrounding opening weekend as you welcome patrons back to theatersgo direct to the small screenor something in between.    

Roku’s Native ABrings Out-of-Home Impact to the Living Room 

As the likelihood of consumers seeing a billboard on their drive to work decreased in 2020, many Roku users were surprised and delighted to see their Roku home screens touting the release of new films. With the Roku native ad feature on the home screen and screensaveryou can capture movie fans at the beginning of their streaming journey, before they have decided what content they would like to watch, and capture the same excitement once reserved for billboards and outdoor signage. 

A native roadblock ad as seen from Roku’s screen saver mimics the familiarity of a billboard sign

native roadblock ad as seen from Roku’s screen saver mimics the familiarity of a billboard sign 

Insight: Two-thirds of Roku users say that their TV streaming device helps them discover new movies they want to see. Streaming is critical piece in reaching movie viewers where they are already consuming entertainment. As you re-think release plans moving forwardTV streaming should ba vital component of your promotional strategy. 

Use Clear Messaging So Consumers Know When and Where to Watch 

As some locales resume in-theater movie experiencesconsumers may be confused as to where they can catch the latest flick Direct, actionable messaging at every stage of your promotion cycle leading up to release is crucial for audiences to know where and when they can see your film.  

clear messaging for your film title is crucial

Messaging that offers clear, concise messages removes ambiguity for streamers curious about how and where to watch your title

Harness the Power of Interactive, In-Channel Video Experiences on Roku’s Home Screen 

Next to streaming promotion, 81% of Roku users cite movie trailers as the best way to discover new releases. Roku’s interface allows you to bring the cinematic trailer experience to the living room and provides interactive ways to engage audiences directly in the ticket purchase experience. 

In the above example, streamers can scan a QR code using their phone or table to purchase tickets for the film

In the above example, streamers can scan a QR code using their phone or table to purchase tickets for the film 

Insight: Over half (61%) of Roku users plan their visit to the theaters ahead of time. Engaging with them on streaming will help them plan and act on their intent to visit theaters 

OneView can Help You Connect the Right Audience with the Right Message 

As consumer habits continue to evolve, your campaigns need to go the extra mile to capture attention and drive excitement. With OneView, the ad buying platform built for TV streaming, you can build supercharged, omni-channel campaigns that reach users across screens and build anticipation and interest as they plan their next trip to the theater. So, you can re-engage streamers who have engaged with your trailer on mobile, where they are more likely to buy tickets or locate their nearest theater. 

An omnichannel campaign across screens employing thoughtful retargeting tactics via OneView

An omnichannel campaign across screens employing thoughtful retargeting tactics via OneView 

Recommendation: OneView helps you develop audience segmentation, delivering your message to the streamers most receptive to itStudios can leverage OneView to reach and retarget the best audience across screens and impact the full funnel.  

We’re Here to Help Your Campaigns This Holiday and Beyond 

As theaters re-open and moviegoers return, your strategy for reaching and connecting with audiences should reflect the lasting changes in viewership behaviorsStreaming should remain a crucial component of connecting and converting movie lovers. Interested in learning more about how Roku can help your studio connect with the right audiencesContact us to get started 

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