Best Practices for Roku Native Display Ads

TV streaming services can attract viewers every time a user turns on their Roku TV or device. According to Nielsen, users take around seven minutes to decide what to watch. In a landscape of over 14,000 channels on Roku, streamers need guidance determining what to watch next. Done well, your ads can connect with the streamer at this momentguide them to your content, and help increase viewership. 

This article will show you how to do just that with an ad format called Roku Native Display Ads. 

What Are Roku Native Display Ads? 


Roku Native Display ads are ad units that occupy approximately one third of the Roku home screen, where every Roku streamer journey begins.  Not only are these ads highly visible; they’re often the last touchpoint a user encounters before deciding what to watch. Using Roku Audiencesadvertisers can serve ads to users based on their streaming activity, connecting content with the right fans. 

Here is an example of a Native Display ad in action:

As part of Roku’s commitment to create the best-in-class streaming experience for consumers, we’ve designed Native Display ads to live seamlessly within the Roku platform. This allows channel partners to serve streamers content that stands out and influences consumers as they are looking for what to watch next. 

Here is an example of how we would break down the best practices for a Native Display ad. This ad is colorful, engaging, and clear with a recognizable cast and a call-to-action that is timely.

There are four core creative best practices when it comes to creating engaging, quality static TV ads for a streaming environment. We call these “The 4Cs.” The 4Cs should be a guiding principle for how you develop Native Display Ads for Roku. 

  • ContentDoes your creative capture the excitement of your franchise, series, or content’s themes? 

  • Cast. Does your creative focus the viewer’s attention on the biggest stars or multiple talent?  

  • Clarity. Would a streamer immediately understand your message and why they need to watch? 

  • Call-to-Action. Does the copy provide clear direction on the next step? 

Roku studied the performance of over 300 Native Display ads, and we found those that made use of all four of these elements saw on average +225% lift in click-through rate when compared to others that did not follow this guidance. 

We're Here to Help 

In a streaming ecosystem with seemingly unlimited content, the marketer who wins the content discovery moment wins the streamer. As the #1 TV streaming platform in the US, our fundamental mission is to help streamers, publishers, and advertisers by creating the best streaming experienceThis includes ad creative built to thrive in the Roku environment. 

Want to learn more about how to make Native Display ads that work? Download the full guide “The Secret to Streaming-First Creative.”