Headspace Drives Incremental App Downloads With TV Streaming Campaign

As a leader in the mediation and mindfulness space, Headspace knows the importance of forming a meaningful connection with audiences. Headspace wanted to drive free trial signups and app downloads. They partnered with Roku on two campaigns, in Q1 and Q2, to find and engage new customers by building TV streaming advertising into the core of their marketing mix.

“One of our main goals at Headspace is to meet consumers where they are with content that introduces them to our brand and helps them incorporate meditation and mindfulness into their daily routines. Roku helped us take it a step further and develop meaningful connections with our target audience on streaming, allowing us to optimize by identifying our most engaged viewers and successfully targeting these audiences with our core messages – which ultimately lets us help them find better sleep, improved focus and more joy.” - Val Kaplan, Chief Marketing Officer, Headspace

Headspace used Roku’s targeting capabilities to capture specific audiences and retarget viewers who had seen their streaming ad with banner ads on mobile and desktop. After analyzing the results of the Q1 campaign, Headspace adjusted their audience targeting to better optimize towards their goals. They removed underperforming segments and added targeting on viewers of Health and Wellness content, which helped them reach more engaged audiences. Headspace also doubled down on banner retargeting, increasing their budget towards this strategy in the Q2 campaign.

The adjustments to targeting segments and increased banner retargeting improved campaign efficiency, driving a 38% lift in app downloads and 61% lift in website visits.

Here's a sneak peek at some of the ad creative.

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