How OneView Achieves Performance Goals for TV Streaming Advertisers

Your campaign goal provides the yardstick by which your ad campaign will be measured, whether you’re trying to achieve return on ad spend, drive in-store traffic, web traffic, or other actions. But in a cost-per-action environment, if the campaign isn’t optimized to reach audiences that convert, your budget can go to waste 

OneView, the ad buying platform built for TV streaming, solves this problem. Our team has built an algorithm to support cost-per-action (CPA) goals, and we’ve built it specifically for TV streaming advertising. The goal is simple: help advertisers efficiently reach audiences that are most likely to convert Plus, every new TV streaming campaign that you run will help your campaigns learn and get smarter.  

Our CPA algorithms drive real results: compared to results when the algorithm was not used, advertisers on average see a 22% increase in conversion rate and an 18% improvement in CPA. And many do even better. In fact, one entertainment advertiser lowered CPA by 81%, and a healthcare advertiser lowered CPA by 66%. 

By making it easier for marketers to reach audiences who are more likely to convert, OneView drives better results. 

First-Party Data & Streamer Signals  

OneView’s power comes from Roku’s first-party data. We rely on information from our direct relationship with streamers, which is more dependable and accurate than IP addresses or third-party cookies. This first-party data enables OneView to receive, and act based on actual streamer signals and demographics, not an extrapolation or an estimate of user behavior or identity. OneView's proprietary access to this data feeds its machine learning capabilities, which helps the platform get smarter with every campaign. A smarter platform, in turn, enables advertisers to optimize their campaigns more effectively.  

“At Roku, we’re focused on developing algorithms that help advertisers drive full-funnel impact," says Chris LaHaise, Sr. Manager, Ad Platform Product Marketing at Roku. “We understand that for maximum performance, optimization must be finely tuned specifically for TV streaming, and OneView advertisers are seeing those benefits today.”  

TV Streaming Advertising Made Easy  

The best part about the CPA algorithms for OneView is that it all happens automatically. When you run a TV streaming advertising campaign in OneView, you’re tapping into audience data from the #1 TV streaming platform – ensuring that you get the best performance from your ads every time.  

If you’d like to improve your advertising performance and efficiency, simply click here to get started.