How Social Media Marketers Can Reach the Right Audiences with TV Streaming 

TV streaming (sometimes known as OTT/CTV) advertising might seem like a very different world than paid social . But if you’re familiar with paid social tools, Roku offers an experience that is similar to the platforms you're already using. 

That’s because we’ve created OneView, the ad buying platform built for TV streaming. OneView's campaign set-up process, reporting, audience selection, and more are very close to what you'll find in something like Facebook Ad Manager, making it easier than ever to run your ads on the biggest screen in the house.

OneView can help your campaigns reach four out of five households in America. You can also own the streamer’s journey across web and mobile by reaching your audience with display ads as they go from TV to smartphone, laptop, or desktop. 

Here, we’ll demonstrate how building audiences in OneView works in ways that are very similar to social advertising platforms.  

An Audience-First Approach  

Before you start selecting your audiences In OneView, you'll set your budget and your campaign duration. With our OTT forecaster tool, you’ll be able to analyze the impact of your campaign on your audience by the numbers, with a visualization of your estimated reach, frequency, and average CPM. This can help you understand the size of your audience and how to  set a budget that makes sense for your campaign goals.  

OTT forecasting audiences

Most of the audience-building options in OneView will be familiar to any social media marketer. Here are six ways to create the best audience for your TV streaming ad campaign:  

CRM Matching: Upload your CRM data and customer lists directly to OneView. The platform will match your existing customers with Roku’s unique user log-in data and third-party data to reach those customers across TV streaming. 

Lookalike Models: Just as with paid social tools, you can create lookalike models in OneView with your customer list and CRM data, ensuring that your campaign reaches audiences with similar behaviors and profiles.  

Streaming Behavior: Choose audiences based on streaming behaviors, including the content they watch, their subscription services, and more.  

Demographics: Select streamers by age, gender, location, and more with easy, drag-and-drop audience segments, seen below: 

audience building demographic

Behavior & Interests: Reach streamers with specific interests and purchase behaviors, including the ability to reach customers who have bought from specific categories. 

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Traditional Linear TV Ad Exposure: Reach streamers who have already seen your ad on TV – or suppress them to help guarantee that you are only reaching incremental audiences that otherwise wouldn’t have seen your campaign.  

The Next Frontier for Performance 

Roku’s OneView platform allows you to easily select the best audience for your TV streaming ad campaign. And, with measurement capabilities through our reporting dashboard and campaign optimizations powered by machine learning, you can track campaign performance as soon as you launch - just like paid social media tools.  

If you’re ready to diversify your ad mix and expand to TV streaming ads, get started today by scheduling a OneView demoOr to learn more about how OneView works like paid social tools, download our guide, The Social Media Marketer’s Guide to TV Streaming