Our Insights and Best Practices for Tech Brands Heading Into the Holiday Season

As the seasons change and consumers begin to make their holiday plans, we’re offering insights and best practices that will help you and your brand use TV streaming to reach, engage, and win over more tech and consumer electronics customers. 

According to recent data, consumer electronics is poised to be a hot category this year. Our annual holiday guide for advertisers found that 70% of people surveyed plan to purchase a tech gift for the holidays.1 And with three-quarters (72%) of respondents reporting that they believe the economy will improve in the next 12 months, consumer confidence is strong.2 

Here is our guidance and best practices for your consumer electronics brand as you prepare for the holiday season.  

Best Practices for Holiday Consumer Electronics Campaigns: Connect, Align, Convert 

Connect with a Tech-Savvy Audience on Roku 

When you advertise on Roku, you reach audiences that are tech savvy. recent survey indicates that 73% of Roku users own 5+ internet-connected devices in their homes.3 Further, Roku users are twice as likely to purchase technology products online, and 1.5more likely to purchase appliance products online.4  

Roku survey respondents' answers to, "Which of the following tech items dyou plan to purchase this holiday season?" 

And Roku users are largely missing traditional linear TV ad campaigns. That’s because more than half (57%) of Roku users are cordless and unable to be reached on traditional linear television.  

A prominent computer company recently found success with a Brand Experience campaign designed to reach cord cutters during Hollywood’s award season. Roku Brand Experiences are customized advertising creative, usually originating from Roku’s home screen that leads users to ad supported content they are excited to watch. In the case of this Brand Experience, the brand directed entertainment fans to “award” themed and nominated content. Eighty percent of the viewers exposed to this campaign only saw the ad through the customized Brand Experience. 

Other brands have implemented interactive experiences to entice prospects to learn more about their products. In the example below, a brand used QR code in an ad to drive streamers to consider purchasing a computer. Our scannable video advertising with a QR code can direct streamers seamlessly from the TV screen to their mobile device to learn more about a product.  

A QR code in this ad sends users across platforms to learn more about a product

Better Campaign Performance Starts with OneView 

OneView, the ad buying platform built for TV streaming, provides you with insights from our trusted data partners and the ability to reach the right audiences with less waste. When you advertise on Roku, you can re-engage tech-savvy audiences across devices where they might be more likely to purchase your product or sign up for your service. In fact, nearly half (49%) of consumers said they have seen an ad on their TV streaming service that caused them to pause what they were watching and shop for the product online. This is a significant increase from the number of consumers who said they did that in 2020.5 

Get Streamers to Add to Cart 

We recommend a thoughtful retargeting campaign that can help you re-engage streamers who have seen your ad on TV streaming when they are on their mobile or desktop devices. Our data indicates that building awareness through TV streaming and retargeting for conversion on desktop and mobile can help you get your message in front of users who are likely to buy a gadget for themselves or a loved one.  

Interested in learning more about how your consumer electronics and tech brand can build engaging advertising experiences to drive full-funnel results this holiday season? Contact us to get started today. 


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