The Best Way to Measure TV Streaming Performance? Incrementality

When measuring a campaign, most marketers are well-versed in the concept of attribution. But many advertisers have moved beyond attribution to incrementality – the last piece of the Roku Core 6 framework for maximizing campaign performance on TV streaming. 

In this blog post, we will explain what incrementality is and how to use it. We’ll also explain how one direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand used incrementality testing to prove that its campaign on Roku was working 

What Incrementality Is  

While attribution measures the correlation between ad exposure and brand engagement, incrementality can deduce how many customers interacted with your brand because of your marketing. Unlike attribution, incrementality accounts for customers who would have converted even if they had not seen your ad.  

Roku enables marketers to measure the incrementality of their TV streaming campaigns, just as they can do with their digital marketing. When you combine incrementality and attribution, a clearer picture of campaign performance appears, which makes it clearer and easier to determine how to optimize performance.  

How We Approach Incrementality: Ghost Ad Method

Here at Roku, our main approach to measure incrementality is the ghost ad method.

Ghost ads employ a sophisticated approach. When a campaign goes live, OneView, the ad buying platform built for TV streaming, can see the ad opportunities that meet the targeting and performance goals of the campaign. OneView will not bid on certain eligible impressions to develop a hold-out control groupOneView bids on remaining ad impressions to develop the test’s treatment group. Machine learning then takes over to model treatment and control groups to understand the predicted impressions and conversions. The difference in treatment and control conversion rates determines the campaign’s incrementality. 

Case Study: Lovevery Uses Incrementality Testing to Determine TV Streaming Campaign Success 

DTC brand Lovevery, which sells stage-based play essentials for babies, wanted to diversify their ad spending to include TV streaming advertising so they could reach and acquire new customers. Lovevery was able to measure incrementality to prove their TV streaming campaign delivered a 72% lift in website visits, 170% increase in purchases, and a return on ad spend of $1.56 for every dollar spent. See the full case study on our blog. 

We’re Here to Help Empower Your Brand to Achieve TV Streaming Success 

Performance marketers rely on incrementality to prove the value of their digital campaigns, and they’re doing the same with their TV streaming ads, too. That’s why incrementality is a key part the Roku Core 6 framework, which can help you map your growth playbook from search and social to TV streaming with Roku. Interested in diversifying your media mix while using the same approach that helped you grow your brand on search and social? Let’s talk about how to launch a test budget and get you on a path to scaling. Click here to contact us.