How to Reach the Right Audience with Your TV Streaming Ad Campaign 

TV is all about the audience. And to run a great TV ad, you need to figure out the best audience for the ad. TV streaming isn't any different except, when you're making TV streaming ads, you have more ways to define these audiences compared to traditional TV. 

Here, we’ll walk you through Roku’s first-party dataset, Roku Audiences, and break down how this helps you reach, engage and convert on your TV streaming campaigns.  

Roku Audiences, exclusively available in our OneView Ad Platform and for direct media buys with Roku, starts with our direct consumer relationships and enriches those relationships with Marketplace Audiences through our network of data partners

By combining first-party and third-party data, Roku Audiences allows you to build and select audiences based on demographics, streaming and traditional TV viewership insights (including ad exposure), content affinity, prior purchases, and mobile and web behavior.  

Here's a preview of how the audience selection process looks in OneView: 

OneView, Roku Advertising

You can choose from many different options to connect to the right audience with Roku Audiences. Here are four ways advertisers can use Roku Audiences and OneView to reach streamers:

1. Viewing Preferences.  

Want to reach football fans? Streamers who watch Lifetime on traditional TV? Female streamers ages 30-39?  

Roku Audiences taps into our first-party streamer insights so you can reach your audience, whether your ideal streamer watches ad-free or ad-supported TV streaming.  

2. Purchase History.  

Roku’s partnerships with Kroger
 and other measurement partners help brands create audiences based on purchase habits, so you can reach those groups with TV streaming ads personalized for their preferences. Want to reach customers who have already bought your product? Or haven’t bought for a while? Roku Audiences helps you do both.   

3. Traditional TV Viewership Habits.  

Roku’s direct consumer relationships means that Roku Audiences also taps into what streamers enjoy on both traditional TV and TV streaming. This makes it easier to create ad campaigns that don’t over-expose your customers to the same ad through wasted frequency. You can put more of your ad budget to reaching more people and maximizing audience reach, which has been proven to fuel a higher return on ad spend (ROAS).  

4. Lookalike Audiences for TV Streaming   

If you have customer data from a CRM or other data sources, you can upload it to OneView to create lookalike audiences. By enriching your first-party customer data with Roku viewership insights and 
our data partners, Roku Audiences can help you reach audiences with similar buying and behavior profiles across mobile, web, and TV streaming.  

Finding Your TV Streaming Audience 

In a world where more consumers increasingly are abandoning traditional TV and becoming streaming-first, Roku Audiences gives you more ways to engage your customers through TV advertising than ever before. Roku makes it easy to get started.  

Want to learn more about how to create your first TV streaming audience? Download the OneView Product Guide here.