AVOD: Empowering Both Advertisers and TV Streamers 

AVOD, or ad supported video on demand, is the logical marriage of TV viewing behaviors that date back to the early days of television, and modern digital-era convenience. Consumers appreciating the value of quality, free content, and learned behaviors from traditional linear TV have now found their modern counterpart in TV streaming technology.  

AVOD offers a customized experience that empowers streamers to tailor their entertainment mix to their tastes - and budgets. This flexibility and cost effectiveness has created a space where AVOD can thrive. 

Each year, we conduct a survey on the landscape of TV streaming in Canada to help brands and marketers understand TV streaming use in the country. In this year’s study on “The State of Canadian TV Streaming,” we observed the following about AVOD: 

  • 51% of Canadian TV streamers watch free ad supported streaming media regularly 

  • AVOD in 2021 is now 10% of streamer’s total TV time per week  

  • 66% of TV streamers search online while watching for more information about a product/brand they saw ads about 

With TV behaviours evolving and the streaming landscape expanding, opportunities have grown for consumers and advertisers alike to seek tailored, customized solutions to better fit their needs. This increased flexibility has paved the way for free, ad-supported content such as advertising-supported videos on demand to thrive. 

Better ad experience, Higher Engagement 

In addition to being a content format similar to traditional linear TV, AVOD channels carry the increased benefit of a lower advertising load than their linear counterparts. In our survey, we found that more than 3/4ths of Canadians agree that there are too many ads on cable.  

With lowered ad-loads on AVOD streaming services, we have observed a higher willingness for streamers to interact with the ads they are served. Our survey found that 73% of streamers searched online for a product or brand they’d seen advertised on streaming TV.  

A Golden Opportunity for Advertisers 

Increased flexibility with AVOD isn’t just a benefit for consumers, it’s a perk for marketers, too. TV streaming has redefined the typical traditional linear TV advertiser and agency dynamic, which has led to time and cost efficiencies when it comes to planning, buying and implementation.  

Brands of all sizes and budgets can enter the TV streaming advertising landscape with campaigns that suit their needs and preferred budgets. This has created opportunities for brands who have historically only relied on digital media advertising for their brand objectives. 

Roku is here to Help 

We understand that as technology evolves, brands have questions about how they can best utilize the TV streaming space to market their products. At Roku, we pride ourselves on providing the tools and the data-driven resources to ease the transition from first time TV streaming advertiser, to confident omni-channel marketer. Ready to talk TV streaming advertising? Contact us. 

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