How TV Streaming Ads Can Drive More 

App Installs

When it comes to increasing app downloads, you have a new alternative to social advertising and mobile ad networks: TV streaming ads. App install campaigns that run on the biggest screen in the house can help build awareness with your audience and drive them to install your app on their phone. With Roku, you can select the best group of potential app users and show the ad to them across TV, mobile, and web.  

Why Roku Works  

Roku gives you everything you need to reach your audience, including:  

  • A large addressable audience. With more than 50 million active accounts and the highest market share of smart TVs sold in the country, Roku is America’s #1 TV streaming platform.  

  • Direct relationships with more TV streamers. Roku’s best-in-class streamer data empowers you to precisely reach customers who are more likely to download your app, all at industry-leading scale. 

  • Creative that converts. Roku can supercharge app install campaigns by bringing your ads to the TV and across devices with ad formats that include the ability to encourage and measure direct response.  

TV streaming is a valuable channel to drive installs. When one DTC e-commerce brand ran an app install campaign with Roku, the streamers who saw the video ads were 328% more likely to install the app and had a 5.5x higher purchase rate than those who didn’t see the ad.  

Here are three best practices for using TV streaming ads to drive more efficient app installs:  

tv streaming audiences

With the data from Roku Audiences and our third-party data partners, you can choose from 100+ different audience segments, including app users and your best potential app users. We then activate that data with OneView by Roku, the ad platform built for TV streaming, to help you reach those who are most likely to download your app. 

creative optimization for app install

Roku supports real-time creative optimization. As you execute your campaign, OneView learns about what works and what doesn’t, delivering the highest-performing creatives to reach more of your prospective customers. In addition, the platform enables A/B testing so you can identify the combination of design, message, and call-to-action that produces the most downloads.

That’s all because it’s possible to measure the next action that someone takes after they see an ad. By making creative that has explicit calls to action to download the app or shows people using your app, you can drive site visits, app installs, and more.  

app install case study tv streaming

Roku’s cross-device retargeting capabilities allow you to serve ads to streamers as they go from their TVs to their phones and computers.   

Retargeting helps reinforce your messaging and drive streamers to take action. When DTC e-commerce company ThirdLove wanted to reach streamers, the team executed a cross-device campaign that went beyond the big screen, retargeting users after they had seen the streaming ad. 

This made a big difference: streamers who saw ads on other devices as well as the TV were 319% more likely to buy than those who just saw a streaming ad on TV.   

There’s An Ad For That  

Want to explore what a TV streaming campaign with Roku can do for your mobile app install efforts? Contact us to get started.