Roku's Political Ad Archive

Streaming is mainstream and is now the way many Americans get their entertainment and news. TV advertising is an important tool for reaching voters.  

As the No. 1 TV streaming platform in the U.S., we aim to provide our customers with access to a wide selection of content and advertising. We believe our role as a neutral platform is to ensure transparency in the placement of political ads we’ve sold and not to endorse or censor viewpoints

We have established political ad guidelines in addition toour ad policythat provide safeguards and transparency into the political ads we’ve sold on our platform. We own or control a portion of the video ad inventory available on our platform. We expect third-party content providers running political video ads in their own video ad inventory on our platform to follow their own ad guidelines and to comply with applicable laws. 

Political ad guidelines for video ad inventory that Roku controls: 

  • We require political advertisers who want to place advertisements on video ad inventory owned by Roku to be identified and verified prior to their campaign launching on our platform.   

  • Advertisements may not suggest that Roku endorses or is affiliated with any particular political advertiser or point of view about any candidate, election, referendum or ballot initiative. 

  • Political ads may not undermine participation or trust in electoral or democratic processes (e.g. death or illness of a candidate, false affiliation or impersonation of a candidate, polling place or voting inaccuracies, etc.). 

  • Political ads may not include “deep fakes”, such as doctored or manipulated media. 

  • All political ads must include applicable disclaimers which comply with applicable disclosure requirements under applicable state and federal laws (such as messaging around who paid for an ad and in the case of an electoral ad, a statement as to whether the ad was authorized by a candidate).  

  • Political ads may not be paid for by foreign entities or nationals.  

  • Roku may review or reject political ads at our sole discretion if an ad violates our guidelines or causes potential harm to our business.

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