The Roku Core 6

Reach and acquire new customers with Roku 

Roku Core 6

Ready for your next performance channel?

With Roku’s Core 6 TV Streaming Framework, you can build TV streaming advertising into the core of your marketing mix, finding and engaging new customers across Roku’s 55 million active accounts with the ability to reach four in five homes in America. 

First-Party Data

Fueling your TV streaming with the right customer data   

Upload your customer lists directly into Roku to reach your key audiences across TV streaming channels, web, and mobile. Place on-site pixels to retarget your customers and prospects to create a cross-device campaign across every screen.  

first party data
discovery commerce

Discovery Commerce

TV is how consumers discover the next big thing – 39% of Roku streamers get product ideas from TV streaming and 32% discover new brands on TVWith Roku’s scale and audience data, you can reach potential customers who are already in the market for your product, based on demographics, viewership, purchase behavior, and more.  

Consumer-Focused Identity 

Go beyond cookies  

Roku’s first-party data, based on user logins, means that you can reach exactly the customer you want. 

Reach 4 in 5 homes in America without relying on IP addresses or third parties as the only way to make sure you’re connecting with the right customers. A customer-focused identity approach means better performance and less reliance on cookies or IP addresses. 

customer focused identity
Cross Device OneView


Connect with TV streamers beyond the big screen

 OneView allows you to reach audiences as they move from screen to screen, ensuring a cross-device customer journey. By retargeting users on desktop and mobile devices after they’ve seen your ad or visited your website, you can drive higher purchase intent and awareness, as well as site traffic and conversions.  

Machine Learning  

Run campaigns that get smarter every time

 With Roku’s sophisticated algorithmic machine learning, your ads get better as you go – OneView continually optimizes ad placements and budgets in real-time, finding the best formulas to ensure low cost-per-action and high return on ad spend. Simply select the algorithm best aligned to your goal – whether driving actions, reach, or spend. 

machine learning
incrementality testing with Roku

Incrementality Testing

With holdout groups, Roku can help measure incremental lift in conversions and reach with other user actions as well as overall effectiveness of your ads and your ad budget. You can also measure whether you’re reaching streamers who otherwise wouldn’t see the ad. 

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