Start with Streaming.

Introducing OneViewTM Ad Platform, the 

Ad Platform built for TV streaming.

OneView Ad Platform offers:

  • Cross-device identity solutions – access more accurate TV audience dataset powered by Roku's direct relationships
  • Further campaign reach – Roku’s data can help identify who are heavy Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) viewers for advertisers to target, both on and off of Roku across all devices and inventory 
  • Proprietary audiences – activate numerous unique segments based on direct customer relationships resulting in deeper insights
  • Forecast OTT instantly – calculate TV streaming ad inventory availability in seconds to plan campaigns that can be activated across Roku and other TV streaming publishers
  • In-flight attribution –  optimize reach, frequency and performance across TV streaming, desktop and mobile campaigns
  • Measured outcomes – mesurable demographic delivery or business outcomes such as website visits or mobile app downloads allowing a greater capability to track performance with connected TV

Our Solutions

Leverage our proprietary segments to reach your audience on or off the Roku platform.



Reach your ideal audience through our custom proprietary segments and third party validation.

TV and connected devices

Ad Experiences

In addition to :15 and :30 spots, we offer full-screen interactive video and overlays that invite consumers to engage with brands in new and immersive ways.

TV with connected devices

Content Experiences

Connect your brand with relevant channels to offer custom experiences for your targeted consumers.

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Leverage first party insights to measure campaign effectiveness across streamed TV.