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Roku Ad Manager 

The smarter, simpler and most cost-effective way to manage campaigns and increase viewership.

With thousands of channels on the Roku platform ranging from local news to fitness to fishing, 54% of Roku streamers don’t know what to watch next. Roku Ad Manager helps you run campaigns to ensure your audience chooses your content first. It's as easy as one, two, stream.

Why Roku Ad Manager? 

  • Set up Roku streaming advertising campaigns in minutes
  • Control campaign budgets, audiences, and goals with flexibility 
  • Convert qualified viewers with exclusive audience data
  • Measure and optimise campaign performance in real-time 

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Our Solutions

Publishers can work directly with Roku advertising to build and engage streaming audiences at scale. Unlock advanced reporting and audience insights to grow your business.

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Roku audiences based on our exclusive viewership signals identify your next viewer.

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Own the streamers’ journey with performance-driven ad experiences on the Roku platform.

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Measure and optimise KPIs to grow your viewership and achieve business goals.