4 CPG Brands That Won With Kroger Precision Marketing and Roku

TV has always been a powerful medium for brands to reach their audiences  and drive brand awareness. It hasn’t always been so easy, though, to measure TV’s impact on sales. 

Roku’s partnership with Kroger Precision Marketing solves for this, allowing brands to tap into shopper data so they can connect with the right customers and measure performance.   

As the program enters its second year, we are excited by the results brands have seen from campaigns informed by Kroger Precision Marketing data

Recently, Kroger Precision Marketing SVP Cara Pratt underscored how Roku’s Measurement Partner Program enables brands to achieve results that are often 2-5x higher in their attributable sales compared to the average unexposed shopper. 

Here are four brands that have found success with Kroger Precision Marketing and Roku Advertising. 

1. Home Chef 

By matching Roku and Kroger households, Home Chef found that TV streaming ad exposure resulted in an increase in meal kit sales at stores. The campaign also expanded the visibility of the Home Chef meal kit to customers who had never purchased the product before.  

The campaign achieved nearly a 2.5x return on ad spend, or ROAS, increasing purchasing households almost 10% and delivering a nearly 21% sales lift among new buyers exposed to the campaign. Home Chef was able to recapture lapsed buyers and was able to activate a new segment of meal kit customers.  

Read the full case study here. 

2. Jif Peanut Butter 

Jif sought to leverage Roku and Kroger's partnership to target new and lapsed Jif buyers and identify exactly which exposed viewers purchased Jif products. Campaign viewers spent more on Jif products than the average Kroger shopper, and the campaign drove more incremental revenue than total campaign cost. The campaign also grew Jif's share of wallet among existing households, stealing share from competitive brands.  

3. Johnsonville Sausages 

Johnsonville Sausage was able to find new buyers and drive sales with Roku, as targeted and measured by Kroger Precision Marketing. The campaign was successful in increasing household penetration by 19% and households exposed to Roku ads spent 16x more on Johnsonville's new Sausage Strips than the average Kroger household. 

4. Campbells Snacks Snyder’s of Hanover 

As the inaugural/first participant in the program, Campbell Snacks’ Snyder’s of Hanover brand learned that targeted Roku users spent 5x more on its products than the average Kroger customer, driving an overall campaign ROAS of 2.5x. 

Better Data, Bigger Outcomes 

As you can see, consumer packaged goods companies that are looking to drive people from TV screens to stores have found great results advertising on Roku. If you want to explore what Roku and Kroger Precision Marketing can do for your brand, contact us below.