4 Travel Brands that Converted New Audiences with TV Streaming

From cruise lines to amusement parks, airlines to hotels, travel brands are reaching and engaging would-be travelers who are eager for adventure once again.  

Many have turned to TV streaming ads with Roku and its US households reach of an estimated 155 million people to connect those streamers with the best travel options. 

Here are four travel brands that have launched successful TV streaming ad campaigns to capture this surge in traveler interest. 

1. A Cruise Line Finds Cord Cutters  

Our survey found that 69% of parents stated that their children influence their shopping decisions the most, followed by spouses (67%), friends, parents, and others. We saw this trend across a number of different product categories.   

When a leading cruise line wanted to reach people who couldn’t be reached with traditional linear TV campaigns, the team turned to Roku for help.  

By tracking linear TV exposure with Roku’s Automatic Content Recognition technology, or ACR, the cruise line boosted incremental reach of people 25-54 by 25% above and beyond what was possible with traditional linear TV alone. Additionally, 20% of those streamers 25-54 saw the campaign only on Roku devices. 

And, by removing overlap between audiences across traditional linear TV and TV streaming, the brand was able to make sure that the ad campaign reached TV streamers while limiting the risk of over-exposing viewers who had already seen the campaign on linear TV. 

2. A Vacation Home Rental Provider Expands Audience Reach  

When a vacation home rental provider wanted to expand incremental reach, the team partnered with Roku to better understand which audiences they could access via TV streaming. 

The rental provider achieved 20% incremental reach among audiences 18-54 on top of their traditional linear TV campaign, connecting with an audience that would not have been accessible on linear TV. 

3. An Amusement Park Wins with Roku’s Brand Experiences  

Eager to build brand awareness and favorability, one amusement park partnered with Roku to create Brand Experience. A Roku Brand Experience is a customized piece of ad creative that can be placed on the Roku home screen, in-stream video, and in search and content tiles. These experiences drive recommendations and aid in content selection that your audience wants to watch. 

The Amusement Park sponsored an Access Pass (see above for a similar example) that gave streamers a $4.99 promo code to rent a movie of their choice. The campaign saw a 4x lift in awareness among those exposed to the Brand Experience and a 25% lift in intent to visit the park among those who interacted with the branded banner ad on Roku’s home screen. 

4. A Vacation Destination Drives Audience Consideration  

Interested in reaching and engaging potential travelers while boosting perception of their brand, a popular tourist destination ran personalized video ads on Roku to encourage travel to their location.  

After seeing the ads, 60% of exposed streamers were likely to consider planning a future visit. 

The New Era of Travel  

Roku helps travel brands reach consumers who are making plans to travel once again. And as travelers begin to think about their next big adventure, Roku is here to help your brand capitalize on that enthusiasm and excitement to explore. Brands all across the travel sector have found demonstrable success partnering with Roku, and we can’t think of a better moment for brands to capture that energy than right now and with us. 

Want to learn more about advertising with Roku? Download our guide, “5 Ways to Unlock the Power of TV Streaming Ads with Roku.”