How Filippo Berio Used Interactive Ads to Increase Engagement

For 150 years, Filippo Berio has been creating the highest quality olive oil. The brand has become a recognizable household name around the world. When the team at Filippo Berio and agency Media Horizons wanted to reach health-conscious audiences who may be interested in trying the brand, they turned to Roku. With the audience data from Roku and other partners, the team knew that it would be easy to create a TV streaming ad campaign that reached exactly the right buyers.  

"It's a myth that OTT is limited to only driving awareness. By partnering with Roku, Media Horizons produced phenomenal results by layering shopper data targeting with interactive creative overlays for full funnel outcomes. We're confident in Roku's ability to deliver the scale we need to accomplish our media goals." 

-Erica DePalma, SVP, Media Horizons

The Challenge

Filippo Berio wanted to create a TV streaming advertising campaign that increased consideration among health-conscious olive oil buyers, especially audiences that weren’t already buying the brand. In particular, the team wanted to focus on audiences at a regional level by driving streamers to buy the product in local stores.  

The most important part for Filippo Berio’s ad campaign was the audience data. The brand wanted to make sure that the ads were shown to the right audience and that the impact on customer purchase consideration could be measured. By partnering with Roku and agency Media Horizons, the brand hoped to accomplish that goal.  

The Strategy

Media Horizons used LiveRamp audience data to identify competitive olive oil purchasers while limiting delivery to Filippo Berio buyers. This strategy ensured that the ad budget could be maximized to showing the ads to viewers who had a high potential to become a new customer. To drive engagement, Filippo Berio decided to launch Interactive TV ads with Roku that showed streamers an overlay of the closest store location and a prompt to learn more.

"With a new campaign it's important to deliver the right message, to the right people at the right time. Roku delivered on all fronts by bringing out the heritage and craft of Filippo Berio to new shoppers. This got us on the list when people were in the meal planning phase. The interactive ads took us one step further, driving real engagement with the brand and created a lasting impression for future purchase." 

- Jo-Ann Abbate, Executive Director, COLANGELO

Roku Interactive TV ad

The Results  

Overall, running the campaign on the big screen paid off. The brand’s Interactive Ads outperformed the team’s benchmark for success by 7x. The results were a 4x lift in brand recall and 11% lift in brand awareness across the exposed audience.  

Filippo Berio case study Roku

The campaign produced these results in part because it included a memorable experience that also gave viewers something valuable: the location of the nearest store where they could buy the product. In this way, Filippo Berio harnessed the lean-back, creative canvas of TV with the interactive experience of digital.

"In our competitive category, building awareness is key for our brand. Roku proved to be a strong partner for us to identify our target audience while also providing creative options that engaged them to search Filippo Berio in their area. This combination shows Roku's innovation and ability to reach the right customers with the right solutions."

- Meghan Boyd, Marketing Manager, Filippo Berio 

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