Home Chef Drives +20% in Sales Among New In-store Buyers

Home Chef, a direct to consumer (DTC) company that provides meal kits, believes in the value of connecting people to easy-to-prepare meals. When the company wanted to connect with shoppers who were likely to purchase meal kits, they partnered with Roku. Shopper data from Kroger Precision Marketing combined with Roku Audiences fueled Home Chef’s winning strategy to drive a 20% increase in sales among new in-store buyers. 

The Challenge

Home Chef sought to reach and reactivate lapsed users as well as engage new customers. The company also wanted to understand the impact of advertising on in-store, brick and mortar sales.   

The Strategy

Home Chef used Kroger Precision Marketing data to build an ideal audience. It matched Kroger’s information on Home Chef’s lapsed customers and in-market shoppers with Roku Audiences, which is based on our industry-leading direct relationships with our device users. This enabled Home Chef to reach and engage the right customers more precisely and measure in-store product sales driven by the TV streaming ads campaign.

home chef ad

The Results

By matching Roku and Kroger households, Home Chef found that TV streaming ad exposure resulted in an increase in meal kit sales at stores. The campaign also expanded the visibility of the Home Chef meal kit to customers who had never purchased the product before. 

The campaign achieved nearly a 2.5x return on ad spend, or ROAS, increasing purchasing households almost 10% and delivering a nearly 21% sales lift among new buyers exposed to the campaign. Home Chef was able to recapture lapsed buyers and was able to activate a new segment of meal kit customers.

home chef results

When shopping habits are in flux, the ability to connect with new buyers and potentially establish new shopping patterns has been crucial for Home Chef. 

“At Home Chef, our key metric in any campaign is driving new buyers. We’ve leaned into streaming before, but this was the first time we were able to prove our campaign directly resulted in meal kit purchases, thanks to the measurement capabilities from Roku and Kroger’s shopper data program.” --Teresa Sabatino, Home Chef’s Director of Customer Marketing. 

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