How Frndly TV Ran a Streaming Ad Campaign with 65% Better Return than Social Media

Even after consumers cut the cord, many are still hungry for live TV, particularly newssports and other popular TV shows. A new landscape of virtual multichannel video programming distributors (MVPD) has started to offer streamers a way to watch live TV in new ways, with more flexibility around pricing and content.  

Frndly TV is a virtual MVPD that launched in 2019 with the goal of offering subscribers affordable, family-friendly content. Rather than a broad audience, Frndly TV wanted to appeal to American families who might want better options than traditional cable could provide.  

To get in front of potential subscribers, Frndly TV started working with Roku to connect with the right streamers.  

The result? The team met their 2020 subscription goal in just seven months.  

“For every dollar we spent on Roku vs. Facebook in July, we had a 65% better return on a paying subscriber on Roku. Unlike mobile where you reach users with inadequate internet speed or non-TV viewers, Roku attracts the right customers in the right OTT mindset to build long lasting relationships.”  - Bassil El-Khatib, CEO, Frndly TV

The Streaming Advertising Lifecycle  

Frndly TV’s advertising strategy focused on utilizing Roku viewership signals to identify streamers who were most likely to sign up across various lifecycle stages. Those users were served with two different ad experiences: a featured tile and native display ads. 

  • Discovery (Users likely searching for similar channels): New Roku users, movie and TV viewers, streamers who were searching for channels like Frndly TV 

  • Consideration (Users have shown channel interest): Users who had installed the Frndly TV but hadn’t viewed it, lookalike audiences with similar viewing habits

Frndly TV also programmed ad experiences during a key content discovery moment on the Roku home screen to convert streamers actively looking for new content.  

  • Featured Row (Drove Installs)

  • Native Display (Generated Sign-ups) 

 “Compared to other OTT platforms, Roku’s ad products are clean and uncluttered,” says Bassil El-Khatib, CEO of Frndly TV. “They’re organically woven into the streamer’s journey, allowing a much better content discovery experience for consumers and driving stronger performance for channels.”  

Re-Engage & Retain 

By leveraging Roku’s proprietary data sets, the team was able to make sure that the ads were shown to viewers who would keep coming back. That’s also what turned the campaign into such a success. After the campaign launched, Frndly TV saw both things: more people signed up – 15.6x more people – and more revenue per subscriber.   

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