How Kubota Drove Niche Audience Engagement with OneView

A market leader in agricultural and industrial machinery, Kubota’s innovative solutions aim to create a greener and more sustainable world. Kubota launched a national ad campaign with Roku to engage with local dealerships and reach a niche audience of rural consumers.

The Challenge

The market for farm and construction machinery is quite specific, so Kubota was focused on reaching a niche target audience of rural consumers with acreage. Just as importantly, Kubota wanted to prove the efficacy of its marketing to its local dealer network.

"At Kubota, it’s critical for us to target our ad messaging efficiently since our desired audience is so niche. Roku’s targeting capabilities helped us easily reach our main audience segment--rural consumers with acreage. By partnering with Roku, we felt confident that our message was reaching exactly the right audience, allowing our campaign to drive over double the average amount of conversions."--John Lee, Director of Marketing, Kubota

The Strategy

At the core of Kubota’s approach: OneView, Roku’s ad buying platform built for TV streaming. Kubota and its agency, TracTru, used a OneView pixel, a small piece of code, to tie advertising exposure to site visits. The Kubota campaign sought to reach consumers and encourage them to visit the “Find a Dealer” page on the brand’s website.

Initially, Kubota only measured visits to Kubota’s website. They realized, however, that they were missing customers who visited local dealership pages. By expanding their usage of the OneView pixel, they were able to measure conversions on local pages in addition to Kubota’s website.  As a result, Kubota and TracTru gained significant visibility into the actions of their campaign, proving TV streaming’s ability to drive performance.

The Results

By using OneView to reach consumers that had already engaged with the company’s national and local dealership webpages, Kubota achieved significant performance and efficiency improvements. 

OneView enabled Kubota to more than double the average conversion rate for the campaign and reduce cost-per-action by 30% over the course of the campaign. With TV streaming advertising, Kubota successfully reached rural audiences for their local dealership brands, strengthening brand awareness on the national and local level.

“TracTru has been focused on diving more into the streaming landscape, and our partnership with Roku has made this exploration easy and efficient. Roku understood our client’s need to reach a unique audience. By updating Kubota’s pixel targeting strategy, we were able to be sure that the Roku Media campaign reached and engaged the right viewers.” -- Wes Hymer, President, Principal TracTru

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