How Schneider Electric Built a Streaming Experience - and Increased Ad Recall by 5X

Schneider Electric UK has always been dedicated to the cutting-edge technology of energy management and transformation. From IoT solutions to the hardware that makes everything happen behind the scenes, Schneider has been working across homes, office buildings, data centers, and more to ensure sustainability and optimization.  

The Challenge

When the Schneider Electric UK team wanted to reach new audiences to build brand awareness, they wanted to do something bold and new. So Schneider partnered with Roku 

Schneider Electric UK wanted to grow brand awareness and favorability among hard-to-reach streamers who spent most of their time watching video content across subscription video on demand (SVOD) services. The team was especially interested in connecting with audiences that otherwise wouldn’t be watching anything else. These segments of streamers weren’t likely to see ads any other way, which made it important to show the Schneider brand on SVOD.  

“The goal of our campaign was to drive reach and awareness, and by partnering with Roku, we did just that. Not only did we successfully engage viewers with a unique advertising format, but we also reached a significant number of SVOD streamers - a key audience that we would not have reached on traditional TV."  

- Alexander Pasch, Global Marketing, Schneider Electric

The Strategy

To reach SVOD users, the team decided to tap into The Roku Channel, which launched earlier this year in the UK and hosts 10,000 movie and TV titles. 

Schneider sponsored a TV Binge Brand Experience by building a microsite on the Roku Channel where streamers could access curated content across the Roku Channel. The microsite had the Schneider brand and messaging front and center, while offering a great experience for viewers who were looking for something to watch. Schneider owned 100% of the ads that ran during these shows, too.  

While the Roku Channel has millions of viewers, Schneider Electric was interested in targeting streamers who usually watched shows on streaming services like Netflix or Now TV. By running native ads on the Roku home screen, Schneider was able to engage streamers before they clicked into an SVOD channel. 

When streamers clicked the ad, they were driven to the Brand Experience on the Roku Channel. 

The Results

All in all, 89% of the audience that saw the ad had streamed SVOD services in the past 30 days and 21% of those streamers had exclusively watched SVOD in the past 30 days.  

The viewers who interacted with the ads and the microsite showed a 5x increase in ad recall, too, showing that the Brand Experience helped build brand awareness for Schneider Electric. 

With a new way to connect with SVOD streamers, Schneider can reach a new audience in a non-disruptive way. Streaming advertising has gone beyond just video - and Schneider is already working toward the future.