How Winn-Dixie Connected the Dots Between Streaming, Digital, and In-Store  

Winn-Dixie grocery stores, founded in 1925, has been serving customers with a great experience, with great prices, for almost a hundred years. Traditionally, the Winn-Dixie team has invested heavily in linear TV commercials to drive awareness and store traffic. But, with the decline of TV reach over the years, the team wanted to try to reach streaming audiences, too.

By partnering with the store’s agency, USIM, Roku helped Winn-Dixie build a full funnel strategy that drove streamers to visit the Winn-Dixie homepage, the store locator, and the online store.

“As consumers shift to streaming, we found it important to invest in ad-supported streaming to reach viewers and drive action. Roku helped guide us through the streaming journey and we were able to deliver full-funnel results from awareness to intent to purchase. The results speak for themselves.” 

- Melissa Sierra, SVP, Group Director USIM

The Strategy

The first step in the team’s plan was to make sure that the creative delivered value to the viewers. By focusing on ads that showed buy-one-get-one deals and rewards that drove streamers to visit the website, Winn-Dixie built awareness of new offers while actively driving sales.

The trick was to make sure that the streaming ads were making a difference. That came down to incrementality testing: checking whether viewers exposed to the streaming ads were engaging and buying more than those who hadn’t seen the ads.

Winn-Dixie found that, when compared to a control group, consumers exposed to the video ads were 56% more likely to visit the homepage, 76% more likely to view the store locator, 57% more likely to shop online and 60% more likely to download coupons.  

In other words, the team found that streaming ads had created a journey for streamers that made the Winn-Dixie brand front and center as part of their streaming experience.

The Results  

Traditionally, we usually think of TV ads as “lean-back” touchpoints. The consumer watches the ad and remembers the offer or the brand. Now, as streamers become accustomed to interacting with the TV by searching for shows and selecting different channels, streaming ads themselves are becoming more interactive.

Winn-Dixie capitalized on this behavior by introducing new touchpoints that built a journey from one screen to the next, and Roku helped deliver and measure each one of those ad campaigns, while targeting the right viewers.

“Partnering with Roku has made it easy to find our target users in a streaming environment, close to Winn-Dixie locations, and help them shop however they want to shop. We are very excited about the results so far and finding streaming viewers who we would not have reached on linear TV." 

-  Richie Pearce, VP, Southeastern Grocers