Lexus Drives Result in Partnership with Roku & Team One  

The Challenge 

Lexus launched their national brand campaign to increase consideration. Historically investing heavily in both traditional linear TV and TV streaming, Lexus looked to identify an optimal frequency across both channels in order to maximize reach, which had not been possible to date. Lexus tasked Team One to ensure they were not paying premiums to reach the same over-exposed viewers. 

As we continue to plan and purchase media through a unified, cross-channel lens, the need for holistic reporting is imperative.  Roku's ability to track exposure and performance across linear and digital helped us identify our optimal frequency, saving us money without sacrificing reach.  We're thrilled to continue our partnership with Roku.”  

-Vinay Shahani, VP of Lexus Marketing

The Strategy

With the goal of driving unique reach, Lexus and Team One used OneView to manage the team’s digital and streaming campaigns because OneView taps into  Roku’s traditional linear TV data, captured through automated content recognition (ACR), to understand holistic reach & manage frequency in real time. 

By combining digital & TV streaming dollars, Team One identified the optimal frequency across platforms in order to drive the best traffic rate. 

The Results

The campaign drove a 35% increase in unique reach. By analyzing frequency caps, the team reduced the cost of the campaign while making sure audiences weren’t over-exposed. This allowed Lexus to reinvest more into their media than the team paid to use OneView. 

“Roku has been a fantastic partner in driving innovation and results. The implementation of holistic campaign management gave Lexus complete visibility into household frequency. The bi-product of this strategy minimizes over exposure and creates the ability to reinvest that efficiency into unique reach and improved performance results. “ 

-Preston Larson, Management Director, Media at Team One