Roku And Diray Media Reach More Complete Audiences With TV Streaming Ads 

Diray Media habeen helping brands build robust, successful cross-media campaigns for over 30 years. When a CPG brand wanted to identify how they could maximize audience reach beyond traditional linear TV, they worked with Diray Media and Roku to implement a campaign that used the power of TV streaming advertising. 

The Challenge 

With so many TV viewers now cutting the cord and moving to TV streaming (sometimes referred to as OTT or CTV), it’s difficult to maximize audience reach with traditional linear TV campaigns aloneTraditional linear TV has seen the decline of key audience segments, especially younger viewers, for years. As a result, traditional TV audiences are now older. Diray Media was tasked with finding under-exposed audience segments for the brand campaign.  

“At Diray Media, we’re committed to guiding our clients to establish the most efficient and diverse media mix. Roku has been a great partner in helping our clients to understand the audiences they’re missing on linear TV and validate extending their media beyond linear into streaming.”- Harlin Ruben, VP, Digital Media, Diray Media 

The Strategy

OneView, Roku’s ad buying platform built for TV streaming, provided a vital component of Diray Media’s strategy. Leveraging the power of OneView’s Linear and Reach insightsDiray Media was able to tap Roku’s exclusive audience content recognition, or ACR data, to gain deeper insights into the reach of the brand’s linear TV campaigns. Roku’s ACR capabilities offered more complete view of linear TV viewing behaviors that showed when and what streamers and TV viewers were watching.  

diray case study 1
diray case study 2

The findings confirmed what the brand and Diray Media suspectedtraditional linear TV campaigns weren’t reaching enough younger customers. With this knowledge, the brand felt confident that shifting a portion of media spend from traditional linear TV to TV streaming would help reach incremental audiences within that younger demographicThe team used OneView to conduct pre-and post-campaign analyses to validate the benefits of diversifying the media mix. 

The Results 

By using OneView’s Reach Insights and Linear InsightsDiray Media launched a TV streaming campaign that increased audience reach by 12%. This incremental audience was exposed to the campaign exclusively on TV streaming and connected with younger audiences who would not have been exposed to the campaign via traditional linear TV.  

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