How Baskin Robins Increased Purchase Intent with Interactive TV Ads

When you advertise on Roku, you can make every TV ad more creative – whether you’re running an ad on traditional TV or a TV streaming ad campaign. With Roku Interactive Ads, you can bring a new level of interaction to your campaigns that can drive improvements in brand recall and conversion.  

First, a bit about what makes these ads different. Roku’s Interactive Ads feature an overlay on your video creative that prompt viewers to use their devices or remotes to engage with the ads they see on the TV screen. Whether you want viewers to enter a sweepstakes, use their phones or laptops to redeem an offer, take a poll, or go to a store, Interactive Ads will inspire your audience to lean forward and take action.   

A TV Offer You Can Click 

Baskin Robbins partnered with Roku to promote a special coupon to TV viewers that would drive sales. Specifically, the team focused on viewers who were watching traditional TV, rather than streaming channels. Whenever a Baskin Robbins ad aired, the ad included an interactive overlay that offered a coupon code redeemable by text message.  

Here’s a snapshot of the user journey, from first seeing the ad to the coupon, which was redeemed by text message: 

Interactive Ad user journey

The 3 Types of Roku Interactive Ads

There are three primary ways that you can serve great, interactive ad experiences to viewers. You can also choose whether you want to run ads on both streaming and traditional TV environments, or just run across one environment. 

Here are the three types of Roku Interactive Ads, with anonymized examples of what they look like in action: 

1. Direct to Product. 

A direct-to-product interactive ad shows a product-oriented overlay on top of the creative. Advertisers on Roku frequently use Direct to Product ads to reveal a product announcement, coupon, or other offer. 

direct to product roku interactive TV ads

In this example, a viewer would watch the video and see the offer to get more information or a coupon about specific products. The interactive ad invites viewers to share their phone numbers or enter their emails with their remotes and receive a text message and/or email that takes them to the next step.  

2. Direct-to-Store  

A direct-to-store interactive ad shows an overlay with the physical address of a retail location near the streamer . By using the Roku remote, streamers can add the address to their phones. 

direct to store roku interactive TV ads

A direct-to-store interactive ad can help drive in-store traffic, show viewers important event information, or prompt them to set up appointments and visits. 

3. Polling Ad

Polling ads show an overlay with a question for the streamer to answer with their remote. This helps re-engage viewers, offers insight into ad performance, and creates a more interactive experience. 

polling tv ad

Interactive polling TV ads are all about getting the viewer to sit up and answer a question - something fun or interesting that makes them remember your brand. 

Dynamic Ads for Dynamic Customers

For Baskin Robbins, Interactive Ads helped drive viewers down the purchase funnel by giving them a special coupon code. The creative overlays can increase engagement as viewers lean forward to get the offer from the ad in that moment. 

By showing ads that offer something that’s immediately valuable, brands can make sure that their ads stand out – and that viewers take the next step right after they see it. Roku Interactive Ads can transform your TV ads into a totally new experience for both viewers of traditional TV and streamers alike.  

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