Smartwool Uses a TV Streaming Campaign to Reach New Customers

Smartwool believes that time outside is time well spent, whether you’re more of a backyard camper, explorer, or a trailhead tailgater. As a brand, Smartwool encourages customers to “Do What Feels Natural” when it comes to getting outside, with versatile products that support every level of adventure. Smartwool and its agency, Backbone Media, launched a campaign looking to promote these values of fun-loving exploration and individual empowerment around their new line of socks and apparel.

The Approach

Smartwool and Backbone Media partnered with Roku to drive brand awareness and consideration against the target audience. Using a curated but programmatic approach, Smartwool was able to serve ads in a brand-safe TV streaming environment. Exposed viewers were retargeted with display ads to present an easy click to This combined tactic proved effective in driving results, with users exposed to both streaming and display ads being 72% more likely to visit the site. Roku Media saw a 97% more efficient CPA with Smartwool’s campaign compared to other streaming partners, exceeding Roku’s industry benchmarks. 

Above, a piece of creative from the Smartwool omni-channel campaign.


“Streaming is a newer medium for us to tell the Smartwool brand story, and it is critical for us to get it right. Backbone Media and Roku helped show us that TV streaming can be a starting point for an effective omnichannel campaign and inspire our target market’s inner explorer. This has been a great display of marketing innovation and we are excited to continue investing in streaming.” 

Laura Rysz, Senior Manager Integrated Marketing, Smartwool 

“With the growth of ad-supported connected TV, coupled with growing privacy concerns of social media, we needed to reduce our reliance on the social platforms. Bringing our clients’ brands to life on a 65” TV has always been a strong desire, but the targeting and measurement wasn’t there for mid-sized business. Roku has changed that.  We are able to target the users we want to reach and measure through to the site visit. Roku has been a great partner to help elevate our game in the growing TV Streaming space.” 

Charlie Lozner VP, Digital Media Backbone Media 

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