Treehouse Finds TV Streaming Success for Growing Brands 

When Treehouse Internet Group, a full-service marketing agency, wanted to bolster brand awareness among niche audiences for a roster of clients, Roku offered customized solutions that met their unique needs and exceeded their expectations. 

The Challenge 

Treehouse serves medium-sized businesses in a niche industry. Many clients didn’t think that TV streaming advertising could be within their budget or effective to reach their audiences. 

But, when Treehouse partnered with Roku, the agency was able to create flexible, affordable solutions that achieved client goals while staying within their budgets. Thanks to TV streaming ads, Treehouse’s clients were able to increase audience reach and awareness for clients beyond what was possible via traditional linear TV and delivered real results for their clients. 

The Strategy

Treehouse’s digital “BrandBlaster” team turned to OneView, Roku’s ad buying platform built for TV streaming, to deliver success for their brands. 

Operating at the speed and precision of digital advertising, OneView enabled The BrandBlaster team to test and measure TV streaming ad campaigns in real-time. 

This made it easier to identify the messaging and creative that resonated most. By removing the guesswork that often comes with buying and measuring traditional linear TV ads, the BrandBlaster team allowed brands to invest on terms that built the client confidence in hitting their goals. 


treehouse case study results

TV streaming has been a winning solution that not only generates opportunities to build brand awareness for Treehouse’s clients, but empowered them to fine tune messaging and maximize tight budgets. 

The findings are clear: big budgets aren’t necessary to see real results with TV streaming. 

“Roku has been an essential guide and partner in our shift to CTV [connected TV]. Now CTV is a part of every awareness and performance-focused campaign we launch.” Marcie Cerillo, BrandBlaster Manager, Media Buying Team, Treehouse Internet Group 

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