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From big games to memes, award shows and new music, consumers are turning to TV streaming to watch, celebrate, and come together during TV’s biggest moments.

With over 155 million streamers, Roku is at the center of TV culture. 

Roku delivers big audiences for TV’s biggest events.


The 2021 Super Bowl saw 44% TV streaming audience growth YoY.


March Madness saw 87% growth in streaming reach from 2019 to 2021. 

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Channels airing the 2021 NBA Finals had a 42% YoY increase in streaming hours.* 

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The 2021 GRAMMY Awards experienced a 28% increase in streaming reach YoY.

* excludes vMVPDs

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As the #1 TV streaming platform in the U.S., Roku can help you reach three out of four U.S. households. With a unique combination of first-party and third-party audience data, OneView, the ad buying platform built for TV streaming, can help you reach the audience you need during TV’s biggest moments.

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Roku Brand Studio can help you tell your story with a powerful creative canvas that’s built for TV streaming. From interactive ads to exclusive content, we’ll take your advertising beyond the traditional 30 second spot.

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With OneView, the ad buying platform built for TV streaming, you have everything you need to deliver better campaign outcomes at every stage of the funnel, including conversions, web traffic, in-store traffic, and more.

TV's biggest moments start on Roku.

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