The Secret to Streaming-First Creative

In a streaming ecosystem with seemingly unlimited content available at the click of an icon, more than half of all viewers still can’t decide what to watch next. The marketer who wins the content discovery moment wins the streamer. 

At Roku, we are here to help streamers shorten their decision-making journey and choose your content first. As the No. 1 streaming platform in the U.S.*, nobody understands what the streamer wants better than we do. 

To  help  marketers  build  eye-catching  creative, Roku studied over 300 unique Native Display ads to understand exactly what gets a streamer engaged and drives performance for content publishers. These pieces of eye-catching creative take over a third of the Roku home screen, are personalized based on the viewers’ interests and give them a clear direction to install, sign up or view your content. 

Here are four top takeaways:

  • Content is key
  • Casting is essential
  • Clarity of vision
  • Call to action

*Kantar May 2020 - based on hours streamed.

For more beyond these highlights, be sure to download our “The Secret to Streaming-First Creative” guide below.