The Roku Video Ad Specs You Need For Successful Omnichannel Campaigns

The rising popularity of TV streaming has made it an essential medium for reaching and engaging your customers. By understanding Roku’s ad platform and video ad specs, you can build an important new omnichannel pillar for your ad campaign, one that will access the biggest screen in the house and reach streamers as they change both channels and devices.  

The Popularity and Performance of TV Streaming 

As popular as digital and social video is, TV streaming is where consumers spend most of their time. eMarketer found that, on average, consumers spend 3x more time on TV streaming than on Facebook.1 And because our data indicates that the strongest campaign is an omnichannel one, it is increasingly important to harness both the power of TV streaming and digital media when planning and executing your campaigns.2 Roku makes it easy to adapt and transform campaigns that were once primarily digital or social video in scope and repurpose them for TV streaming, sometimes referred to as OTT or CTV. 

In order to do that, let’s first look at ad specs for Facebook/Instagram, YouTube, and then Roku. You’ll see that if you already have video ads running on social or digital channels, you may have what you need to run on Roku, too.  

Roku Video Advertising: Optimized for Better Engagement 

Roku video advertising combines the sight, sound, and motion of TV with the precision, measurement, and interactivity of digital video. Ads on Roku are full-screen, high-definition, 100% viewable, unskippable, and have 95% completion rates. Further, streamers are more likely to engage with ads on Roku. We’ve found that Roku ads are 1.6x times more effective than digital video ads in driving purchase intent.3  

Just like paid social tools, Roku offers reporting tools so that you can see the performance of your ads and your ad spend in real-time, too. These tools enable you to gauge what actions streamers are taking after they’re exposed to your ads, as well as adjust things such as your lookback window to see the true impact of your TV streaming ads. 

Building a Strategy for Effective Video Ad Campaigns 

Because nearly half of all streaming ad impressions occur on Roku devices, adbuilt to run on Roku are an important component of a successful omnichannel campaign. OneView can deliver 64% more potential weekly reach than top cable networks.4 Simply, Roku delivers audiences who cannot be reached on traditional linear television. 

OneView also provides the ability to reach streamers across web and mobile. And, with personalized video ads or display ads, you can build a true omnichannel campaign to help drive your campaign goals even further. With the tools to set up campaign budget, duration, and performance targets, OneView gives you the scaleperformance, and creative capabilities that you’ve come to enjoy from digital ad buying platforms. 

If you’re running a digital video advertising campaign, you probably already have the assets you need to get started with a TV streaming advertising campaign, too. And, with OneView, you can make that campaign omnichannel, allowing you to reach and re-engage audiences across TV streaming, social, mobile, and beyond.  

Ready to take the next step? Download our guide, “The Social Media Marketer’s Guide to TV Streaming” at the link belowor contact us to get started today. 


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