Trends in the Theatrical & Streaming Landscape

People will always have movie nights. Family nights, friend outings, and date nights often center around going to the newest movie when it’s first released. With the temporary closures of theaters around the country, media companies and studios have had to adapt their release strategies.

While the theater will always be the first place to see premieres, there are a lot of ways to expand the viewing opportunity for audiences, grow the streamer relationship, and unlock incremental demand from loyal movie-goers... and it starts with streamer-first marketing.

Roku took an in-depth look at consumer attitudes and the premium video on demand (PVOD) landscape to understand the trends that are creating a new hybrid model for movie watching and movie releases:

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1. The Future of Movies: How Theaters & Studios Can Thrive in the Streaming Era

The future may be a mix of movie nights in the theater and the living room. The average movie-goer only goes to the theater two or three times a year. There's a big opportunity for advertisers to connect with viewers with the magic of the movies at home.

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2. Redefining the Opening Night: Movie Night & the PVOD Landscape 

Movie-goers who stream are some of the most valuable viewers for media companies and studios. They're movie loyalists, who are always looking for the latest title. Here's how those PVOD viewers really feel about renting and watching at home.

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3. The Academy Awards: Content Discovery & Streaming Strategies

In 2019, for the first time ever, the Academy Awards allowed members to stream films. This comes at a time when streamers could access award winners and nominees on streaming services – and shows how content discovery is a big part of the awards process.

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How Streamers Rent & Pay for Movies

In our full report, "How Streamers Rent & Pay for Movies," we analyze the results of our survey that asked Roku users how and why they rent movies. We found that movie-goers are still willing to rent and buy premieres as a way to complement their overall theatrical experience, but it can depend on the audience, the genre, and more. 

Download "How Streamers Rent & Buy Movies" to learn: 

  • What the Premium Video on Demand (PVOD) landscape looks like
  • Which streamers are most likely to buy and rent movies
  • How to target the right audiences for your PVOD strategy