Roku Trends: Bennifer 2.0, Elon Musk Does SNL, Friends Reunion

When news happens, people turn to more than their phones and browsers for information. They also search on Roku 

In the month of May, Roku users searched for all-things related to the recoupling of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. They also sought information on the highly anticipated Friends reunion and on Elon Musk in the wake of his appearance on SNL, proving that Roku isn’t just at the center of our family rooms. It’s also a go-to device to engage current events and pop culture

Here's what we found. 

1.Bennifer 2.0” Made People Reach for the Remote.  

Cicadas aren’t the only thing remerging after a decade and a halfBen Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have returned and set the internet ablaze with photographic evidence that they have rekindled their romanceRoku users not only searched for the two stars. They also searched for other women in Ben’s orbit. 

In the three weeks after Bennifer 2.0 news broke, person searches on Roku for: 

  • Ben Affleck increased 13.8%; his search rank increased 25 spots 

  • Jennifer Lopez increased 27.2%; her search rank increased 13 spots 

  • Jennifer Garner (Ben’s ex-wife) increased 25.0%; her search rank increased 40 spots 

Ana de Armas (Ben’s former flame) takes the cake, though. People searches for her increased 69.9%, and her search rank increased a whopping 501 spots 

Much like the phoenix tattoo rising on Ben Affleck’s back, searches for Ben’s and Jennifer’s movies soared, as well: 

  • Gigliincreased 303%; search rank increased 7,988 spots 

  • Second Actincreased 121%; search rank increased 2,728 spots 

  • Jersey Girlincreased 55%; search rank increased 1,975 spots 

  • Gone Girlincreased 28%; search rank increased 276 spots 

Is the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez romance the sign of a return to carefree summers of the past, Roku streamers’ enjoyment of early 2000s nostalgia, or just a fun distraction from our current news cycle? Either way, the stars were on everyone’s minds this month, and we’re here for it. 

2. Elon Sends SNL Searches Skyward. 

SNL made history with their May 8 episode, featuring Elon Musk, and musical guest Miley Cyrus. The show streamed live in 100 countries. This represents the first time a live, network television show debuted in real-time around the globe, and the TV streaming world was excited about the implications of this maiden voyage. 

 During week of Elon Musk on SNL (5/7 – 5/13) vs. the week before, searches for: 

  • Elon Musk increased 552%; his search rank increased 1,597 spots 

  • Saturday Night Liveincreased 452%; the show’s search rank increased 376 spots and SNL landed as #6 most-searched title of the week 

The future is TV streaming, and fans clearly were eager to watch. We’re excited to see what other innovative ways traditional linear TV shows embrace our TV streaming future. Kudos to SNL for pulling off such an ambitious technological feat. 

3. Friends Reunited Streamers with their Favorites.  

And finally, the month ended with a huge moment in TV history. Fans of the mega-hit Friends have been begging the cast to reunite, and after years of will they or won’t they, our favorite Central Perk couch dwellers gathered once again, producing more “must-watch” TV moments, and opening the meme floodgates on Matt LeBlanc. 

During the week leading up to the Friends reunion, we observed: 

  • Friends was the #2 searched title on Roku during week of reunion (searches up 173% week over week  

  • Friends: The Reunion debuted as the #15 most-searched title on Roku 

  • Jennifer Aniston was the most-searched member of the cast 

  • Matt LeBlanc saw the largest gains from the special – 175% increase in searches week over week 

  • Other titles starring members of the Friends main cast also saw halo effectRomy & Michele’sMorning ShowMad About YouEpisodesCougar Town all saw double-digit percent increases in searches 


Streaming Culture

Well, that does it for this month’s edition of Roku Trends. At Roku, we love bringing audiences content that they love. And for advertisers, it’s important to understand how streamers decide to watch and search for something. By understanding your audience’s habits, you can learn what excites them the most and speak their language.  

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