Roku & Nielsen Announce Strategic Alliance: Here's What You Need to Know

Today, we're excited to announce we’ve entered an agreement to acquire Nielsen’s Advanced Video Advertising business. This acquisition includes Nielsen’s video automatic content recognition (ACR) and dynamic ad insertion (DAI) technologies. 

What’s behind this deal? 

Two initiatives: accelerating Roku’s launch of an end-to-end DAI solution with TV programmers and further integrating Nielsen ad and content measurement products into the Roku platform. 

First, Roku will enable TV programmers to replace traditional TV ads with targeted ads in real-time. This means marketers can minimize over-frequency in live linear TV plans and improve ROI by bringing Roku data and attribution into traditional TV advertising.

We are uniquely positioned to accelerate dynamic ad insertion with TV programmers. Roku has the scale, the direct consumer relationships, and the OneView ad tech stack to deliver. Over time, we expect to expand DAI to other TV manufacturers. 

Second, we are excited to integrate Nielsen ONE to standardize TV streaming measurement. 

Roku will substantially expand Nielsen’s footprint to measure advertising. And we’ll have more to share soon on new cross-media measurement and attribution offerings we plan to bring to market together. 

“Tens of billions of dollars continue to be spent annually on traditional TV advertising,” said Louqman Parampath, VP of Product Management at Roku, to the press. “Combining Nielsen’s AVA technology with Roku’s innovative ad tech and scale will enable us to deliver the benefits of TV streaming advertising to traditional TV. Roku will bring the promise of DAI to the market for the first time ever at scale —providing better targeting and measurement for advertisers, creating easy integration and additional revenue opportunities for programmers’ ad sales teams, and improving the TV experience for viewers."

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