Our Insights and Best Practices For Travel Brands Heading Into the Holiday Season

This year, with the rise of both vaccination rates and variants, the holiday season promises to be anything but usual. In an effort to help travel brands get a leg up on the upcoming season, we’re keeping a close watch on consumer trends as we head into the fall and recommending the following best practices for brands interested in capturing share of the travel market.  

Here is our guidance for your travel brand as we head into the fall and holiday season. 

Best Practices for Holiday Travel CampaignsKnow Your Audience, Provide Value, Reengage 

Know Your Audience and Anticipate Their Needs 

Our data indicates that Roku users rank price (78%) as the most important factor influencing their decision, followed by location (72%). More than half of Roku users (55%) include safety and cleanliness as a top concern. Consider messaging related to these key themes when building and implementing your travel campaigns.1 

With Roku, you can reach streamers during moments at home, providing travel brands the perfect opportunity to connect before plans take shape and allowing your brand to be top-of-mind. And because one in three Roku users get travel inspiration from TV, movies, and videos –the top source besides word of mouth– having a presence on streamers’ favorite channels is a great way to drive brand recall and awareness. 

Provide Meaningful Experiences 

Enhancing a streamer’s viewing experience with a Brand Experience is a great way to remind streamers of the value and excitement of booking their next trip with your brand. Brand Experiences on the Roku platform allow you to create custom experiences accessible on the Roku homescreen, in-stream video, search and content tiles. These experiences provide recommendations and surface content that your audience wants to watch. 

Brand Experience Pictured: Content Playlist 

Travel brands can delight streamers by activating category exclusives or new-to-market Brand Experiences. One in three Roku users are more likely to consider travel brands if they provide free TV shows or movies, and one in five Roku users have acted as a result of seeing a travel ad on their Roku device.1 top travel booking site recently found success in driving correlational lift in ad awareness (22%) and purchase intent (24%) among Roku users A18-44 with a “movie pass” themed Brand Experience 

And this booking site is not alone. Brands across the travel landscape that have developed customized Brand Experiences on Roku have seen great resultsBrands across the travel sphere – from a busy attraction, to destinations, a cruise line and a vacation rental company—have seen advertising on Roku drive full-funnel outcomesView our findings on these brands here.  

Reengage Across Screens 

With OneView, the ad buying platform built for TV streaming, your brand can make your holiday campaigns work even harderOneView can help you retarget streamers exposed to TV streaming ads on mobile or desktop devices, where they are more likely to research and book trips. Nearly half (41%) of Roku users say they expect to use a travel brand’s website directly when booking their next trip.1 And 46% of millennials say they plan to shop online for travel related purchases this holiday season.2 

Roku Is Here to Help You Navigate the Holidays 

Experiences like travel are deeply meaningful for consumers. Helping would-be travelers navigate the uncertainty of the moment by providing them with the proper guidance and knowledge is crucial for your brand to be seen in a positive light. Now is the time to build campaigns that resonate with travel audiences to help them make those all-important holiday season travel plansContact us to get started advertising on Roku. 

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2 Roku + Harris Poll 2021 Study